Businesses rely on effective storage for many reasons, and the quality of those storage containers will greatly affect your business expenses long-term. The recycled plastic storage boxes we supply businesses have proven themselves profitable additions to a broad range of industrial and commercial environments. Plastic is a durable material that can weather various environmental conditions whilst organising and protecting your inventory or equipment. Here are six ways businesses can improve their operations with plastic storage boxes.

plastic storage boxes

1. Durable Transit Containers

Most commercial businesses have adopted plastic boxes as a successful method of saving on transit costs. Alternatives such as cardboard boxes have a severely limited lifespan for transporting stock and are often unusable after a single delivery. Plastic boxes are a significant upgrade as their durable material allows the receiver to empty the contents and return the box intact to be used again. Nesting boxes are the most common type of plastic container used this way as the empties take up fewer space thanks to their nesting design.

For stock management, plastic boxes can be relied upon to protect the internal inventory when stacked. This creates a much more streamlined delivery process as the full containers can be stored in your warehouse, whilst simultaneously, the empty ones can be put in the driver’s empty vehicle to be returned. For example, boxes such as bale arm crates and trays are commonly used by grocery stores to stack and transport fresh produce in mass and provide a convenient storage solution for the empty ones also.

farming plastic storage boxes

2. Improved Product Integrity

Specific storage containers, such as plastic-lidded storage boxes, provide additional security when transporting expensive items. Commercial retail stores will choose these plastic storage containers to transport their stock from the warehouse to the store, as they can be sealed before their journey. Upon arrival, if any have been opened, it is an obvious sign the contents have been tampered with, and appropriate measures can be taken.

Once opened, these boxes also can nest and significantly reduce the space taken in your storage space. Additionally, the strong folding lids attached allow managers to stack full boxes within their organisational system without compromising the internal contents.

3. Equipment Storage

It’s not just a business’s products that can be safely stored in plastic containers. Many workplaces have many tools and equipment that are vital for their daily operations and that need to be stored within health and safety guidelines. Parts bins provide increased organisation for your workspace by keeping your equipment and tools in localised places and can even be colour coded to make finding what you’re after much more effortless.

The right solution can also help with your company’s liquid resources. Bunded pallets and spill trays are specifically designed to protect your storage space from potential accidents related to spilt liquids either in storage or during transportation.

plastic storage boxes

4. Varied Environments

Our recycled plastic storage solutions are appropriate for a broad range of workplace environments and can even successfully withstand extreme temperature changes. Whereas cardboard would risk deteriorating from condensation when moving from cold to warm climates (common in food manufacturing), any moisture built up on plastic will not affect it or the contents.

Our plastic storage solutions effectively store any items, from industrial components to commercial food items. We use HDPE (high-density polyethene) and MDPE (medium-density polyethene), which is a food-grade material perfect for food manufacturing storage. The durable plastic material provides workers with a storage box that will resist bacterial growth and can be easily cleaned and used again.

5. Automated Systems Recognition

Automation is a growing element of many different businesses but is already highly present within warehouse order fulfilment operations. Many people are familiar with the customer side of these operations involving disposable cardboard boxes, but plastic containers are far more effective for businesses. Automated systems such as:

  • Conveyors and carousels
  • ASRS (automated storage and retrieval systems)
  • Robotic scanning and handling systems

All have significantly higher productivity when used with durable, coloured and easily identifiable plastic storage containers.

food safe plastic storage boxes

6. Inventory Organisation

Plastic storage is a reliable method of improving your existing product storage area more several reasons. We have already discussed plastic containers' durability and ability to be stacked, but most types also have specific features related to improving organisation.

When choosing your euro stacking boxes, you can specify the colour of the boxes and decide what category of items will be stored in what colour box. This will significantly decrease search time for desired items and is an essential storage element for meat wholesalers and other food manufacturers. Colour-coded containers can dictate several elements about the contents from either the arrival date, the type of item inside or the required storage conditions.

Labels can easily be attached to plastic storage boxes to enhance your stored items' organisation and transportation.

stacked euro boxes

Recycled Plastic Containers for Businesses

As the leading independent supplier of plastic pallets, Dolav boxes and plastic boxes with lids in the UK, we have helped many different businesses across the country improve their productivity with reliable, durable and highly reusable plastic storage solutions. Contact us, and we’ll help you find the best solution to meet your business’s unique needs.