Plastic Safety Steps

We maintain health and safety standards in commercial and industrial environments with our wide range of heavy-duty safety steps. They are the perfect safety steps for your office or factory floor due to their anti-slip design and moulded handles.

The selection of colours can help these safety steps blend into office environments, or brighter colours can help them stand out in industrial environments for added safety. They are tough, durable and capable of withstanding loads of 260kg, as they are made from medium density UV stabilised polyethylene. This material is long lasting against wear and tear and under extreme temperatures, conditions and usage.

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  1. Yellow Safety Steps with Handle- 490x1080x1620mm
    Safety Steps with Railing (4, Yellow) 490 x 1080 x 1620 mm
  2. Red Safety Steps (4 Steps) - 490x1080x820mm
    Safety Steps (4, Red) 490 x 1080 x 820 mm
  3. Purple Safety Steps (3 Steps) - 440x795x620mm
    Safety Steps (3, Purple) 440 x 795 x 620 mm
  4. Blue Safety Steps (2 Steps) - 475x540x420mm
    Safety Steps (2, Blue) 475 x 540 x 420 mm
  5. Green Safety Steps (1 Step) - 485x310x300mm
    Safety Step (Green) 485 x 310 x 300 mm
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5 Items

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Design and features

The special anti-slip design and moulded handles make these plastic safety steps easy to transport around different environments, and perfect for any difficult scenario. Plastic safety steps have the ability to be mobile and are ideal for commercial and industrial environments, as they can be packed away into storage or moved around for quick use. This always allows health and safety standards to be met, no matter the time, location or task.

The tough medium-density UV stabilised polyethylene is capable of withstanding loads of up to 260kg. These plastic safety steps won’t break down over time, due to them being made from long-lasting wear and tear materials. They are easy to wipe clean and will help you keep your environment organised. It makes them ideal for many environments such as kitchens, warehouses, offices, bathrooms, farms and much more due to their low maintenance.

Certificate of standards

Our plastic safety steps are compliant with European standards and suitable for your industry. You won’t have to worry about your employees’ safety and can be assured they are built for purpose. These plastic safety steps can help you upgrade your operations and will keep your employees safe at all times. Aside from the vast features and flawless design, it is simplistic enough to avoid any unwanted accidents. Your employees will feel confident using these plastic safety steps for daily tasks and over long periods of time. 

Commercial and Industrial environments

They are built to last which makes them ideal for long term usage and ensures a safe workplace. In commercial settings these plastic safety steps will make difficult heights more accessible, but remain discrete. They come with moulded handles that allow them to be moved around the office with ease and are perfect at a moments notice for difficult tasks. Avoid stacking shelves and moving large loads at height without our plastic safety steps. Grab yours today and keep your workplace safe at all times.

Industrial environments require bright colours to ensure safety standards are met and visible at all times. This creates a safe exit strategy without the potential risk of these plastic safety steps getting in the way of fire exits. Over stretching in industrial environments is common and can end up in accidents that put your company at risk. Our safety steps ensure confident solutions for many different scenarios and will keep your employees and your operations a safe, practical and smooth place to work.

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