MP Mark Menzies visit
Alison Handling played host to MP Mark Menzies who heard how the company has grown from a four-person operation to Europe’s largest independent supplier of plastic boxes.The MP for Fylde visited the Kirkham company, currently 30 years in business, to learn of its recent domestic and international successes.Mr Menzies took a tour of the firm’s extensive two-acre site and two warehouses and asked questions about how Alison had grown to an employer of 20 staff exporting products throughout Europe.Alison Handling managing director Glenn Broomfield was also able to share details of the compa..
Alison unveils new UK made bread basket dolly
Alison’s new bread basket dolly is just one example of how the company is giving UK bakers greater flexibility and responsiveness in the way they order their packaging products.Alison Handling Services (AHS), Europe’s largest stockist of plastic containers and boxes, has introduced a new bread basket dolly designed for standard (762 x 508 x 216mm) 12-loaf stack nests. Capable of holding up to eight nests and available in grey or purple (to match Alison’s distinctive trays and baskets), the dolly has been designed with availability in mind.“We do an enormous amount of work with UK bakers,” says..
For many people, the idea of working with family members has a negative stigma. They imagine scenes of siblings squabbling in meetings and partners bickering at the water cooler. But these needn’t be the case! Alison Dearden, who has worked alongside her parents at Alison Handling for over 25 years, knows just how well it can work: "As family businesses like Alison Handling have proven all over the world, running a company with relatives can be one of the most productive ways of working thanks to an underlying trust and mutual respect." "The strong sense of community in a family business i..
New Range of Saeplast Boxes
The Sæplast 405  and 705 litre Depuration and Wet Storage Containers are constructed from double-walled food-grade polyethylene filled with polyurethane, are the only insulated containers of their kind on the market today. They are suitable for the storage and purification of live mussels, oysters, clams and other shellfish.The tub’s design ensures that an even flow of water is maintained through it, resulting in the optimum oxygenation of each individual shellfish. It also includes a number of technical features including an integrated grid waste separator and water circulat..
Pudsey Boxes
Alison Handling are selling exclusive Pudsey Boxes for Children in Need 2017 Our yellow lidded box 600 x 400 x 306mm is priced at £15 each delivered.See more at or buy your box @  (Alison Handling)..
Five ways to master your warehouse storage
Alison Handling is Europe’s largest independent stockist of plastic storage boxes, pallets and totes. Established in 1988, the company supplies some of the UK’s largest businesses, including major supermarket chains and department stores.Here, director Alison Dearden shares her top tips for getting the best value from your warehouse space and stacking solutions.1 Make the most of the space you’ve already gotMost businesses can reclaim valuable space by making more efficient use of what’s already there. This can mean rearranging the floorplan, but also making the most of vertical space by intro..
Acquisiton of GW Containers
  LEADING RETURNABLE PACKAGING COMPANY, PPS, GROWS BUSINESS WITH ACQUISITON OF GW CONTAINERS   PPS, a leading supplier of returnable packaging services, is delighted to announce that GW Containers, the UK's specialist in plastic fish boxes and insulated containers, has joined the group. GW Containers is the sole UK distributor for the market leading Sæplast insulated containers and the RPC Promens fish box range. GW Containers in partnership with Sæplast and RPC Promens is the UK's leading supplier to the fishing industry and animal by-products industry ..
Keeping Evidence Tamper-Proof
Evidence you collect needs to be kept safe and intact for proof of an event or incidence should it appear in court or require further action. Management of this is crucial, it will need to remain in an original condition where possible, be unaffected by environment and remain unaltered. Efficient processes may include warehousing, inventory control and a chain of administrative processes which will be in place until the end of its obligatory lifetime. While large items can be placed in a range of standard storage boxes, smaller items may prove a little more of a challenge. Storing small o..
Christmas stock in from Alison Handling
The run up to Christmas is probably the busiest time of the year for logistics operations as companies try to keep up with the seasonal peak of customer demand. With this pressure, comes a huge requirement for Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) such as plastic pallets, plastic boxes and containers, especially from the major users, which can unfortunately result in smaller users being left short.To support the seasonal demands for RTP, one of the UK 's largest independent stockist of new and second hand plastic boxes, crates, trays, bins, totes, plastic pallets and pallet boxes, Alison h..
Nick talks pies and trays
Having been at Alison Handling for over 5 years now I’ve learnt a thing or two about plastic crates and trays, I’ve witnessed trends come and go over the years and the old originals that are still as popular as the day they were introduced to the market. Our multifunction stack nest crates are one of our most popular, and whilst the food industry tend to favour the bale arm style crate there are a number of alternative crates not to be over looked.   A particular favourite of mine, yes you get your favourites overtime especially when you get sent a tray of pies from a custom..
Remove headaches and waste from your Christmas supply chain
It happens every year, we know when to expect it, 25th December. So why does it still come as a surprise? Demand on your warehouse and equipment will be at its peak, but there is time and planning can give a helping hand to those frantic festive peaks. Make sure you forecast before you run out. Things to consider:• Do you have enough storage equipment for your Christmas stock levels?• What are you transporting stock in from DC to warehouse to store or mailroom?• Are you transporting food or other retail items?• When are your stock levels due to rise from?• Are you operating an automated l..
Alison Handling Hit The Road With PPS
For nearly 30 years Alison Handling have been supplying the UK with one of the largest ranges of returnable transit packaging providing reusable plastic storage and transport units including tote boxes, food crates, plastic pallets and bulk bins with one of their specialist areas being used equipment. In September the team will join PPS at this years IMHX exhibition, the place to be if you work in logistics and supply chains. Being held between 13th and 16th September at the NEC in Birmingham, it is the largest Intralogistics event in the UK and with over 450 exhibitors, free to attend seminar..
If Recycling Rules Were the Same in Every London Borough, Would You Recycle More?
In recent years, recycling levels in the UK have started to plummet – in fact, an estimated 27 million tonnes of waste already ends up on UK landfill sites per year, with recent predictions expecting all remaining space to be full within the next eight years. We asked 2,000 London residents whether they would consider recycling more if the rules were the same in every London borough:     •    52.07% would recycle more.     •    47.93% wouldn’t recycle more.Although this isn’t a marginal difference, it still represents unsatisfactory l..
Plastic packaging has a metal friend in town
Plastic packaging provider Alison Handling has extended their product range with the introduction of metal handling equipment. Having provided plastic packaging solutions for nearly 30 years the new range perfectly complements the already available products. With stock of 2, 3 and 4 sided roll cages and options including full security for added protection and additional shelves the smooth handling units will make light work of moving bulky items.  It’s not just roll cages, metal hypacages or stillages are a robust wire formed unit that can carry substantial capacity. The units var..
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