Plastic Stacking Trays & Baskets

Our plastic stacking trays have been primarily designed to carry confectionery and food items, meaning they’re all food-quality assured, but don’t let that fool you: they can also be used for a wider range of transport operations. They are versatile, durable and packed full of features.

No matter the industry you're in or the application at hand, Alison Handling can provide a food-safe plastic stacking tray or basket for your needs.

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  • Coloured Confectionery Trays

    Coloured Confectionery Trays

    Alison Handling also offers a range of new confectionery trays in a different colours. Made from food grade polypropylene, confectionary[...]

  • Confectionery Trays

    Confectionery Trays

    At Alison Handling, we stock a range of new and used confectionery trays in a natural colour, with various colours[...]

  • Plastic Bread Trays & Baskets

    Plastic Bread Trays & Baskets

    At Alison Handling, we offer a range of high-quality plastic bread trays and baskets ideal for transporting, storing, and organising[...]

  • Bakery Rack with Trays

    Bakery Rack with Trays

    Alison Handling also offers a range of metal racks in a different sizes. Made from mild or stainless steel these are[...]


Coloured Confectionery Trays

A vibrant range of plastic stacking trays will help you organise your business in colour-coded order. We understand that in the catering world, you must separate different produce to keep food handling safe. This can be from vegan, gluten-free and raw meats, and what better way to do that than with different colours to make it more manageable at a glance?

These food storage trays are extremely popular with our customers who work in bakeries, food manufacturing, commercial kitchens, butchers and more. The stackable feature of our food storage trays means that you can save precious space. We also offer colour-coded food trays so it’s easy to identify which type of product is in which tray. 

Durable Confectionery Trays 

Our industrial plastic trays are durable and adaptable enough to be used in several different industries that include food manufacturing, retail and production. They’re available in a range of colours and sizes in both solid and perforated varieties, so whatever your needs are, you can rest assured that you’ll find a set of confectionery trays to meet them here. They are large but still easily manoeuvrable, as these trays have great handles while being stronger enough to stack on top of each other. These plastic trays are ideal for different quantities of food, whether you're a large or 

small-scale operation. These plastic baskets are scalable to all sizes of businesses and will be a welcome addition to your operations and sorting of produce for years to come.

Plastic Bread Trays and Baskets

A wide range of plastic stacking trays are made out of high-quality food-grade polypropylene. This is strong and ideal for transporting, storing and organising baked goods. It also allows you to be hygienic and food safe when handling food. They are easy-to-clean plastic stacking trays and can be used in a variety of ways, from proving to large supply chain transportation. It is a popular choice for all food manufacturers and retailers. The way they are designed enables bakeries to distribute quality goods and preserve their freshness upon arrival, the perforated sides help max airflow and will benefit the produce being moved. Along with this, they raised edges from unwanted damage when handling, this stacking feature helps with large and small loads from factory facilities to stores.

Bakery Rack with Trays

Mobile racks are a great way to stay organised and give work-flow to your kitchen, catering and store. Our mobile racks fit 5, 6, 8, 10 and 16 plastic stacking trays and allow you to pick a work-flow order that works best for your business operations. The ability to move your produce with ease will help keep your operation running smoothly, even at the busiest of times. These plastic stacking trays will be the perfect fit for mobile racks and enable you to move boxes and trays around the factory, kitchen or store floor with ease and keep your operation running with the organisation.

Our mobile bakery trays are very popular as they allow clear visuals on produce for bakers to keep an eye on quality. Their minimal design allows no distraction and is perfect for displaying high-quality bakery goods. 

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