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Alison Handling provides businesses with secure, safe and reliable waste solutions with our range of waste management bins.

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Commercial Waste Bins Categories

  • Litter Bins

    Litter Bins

    Since 1988, Alison Handling has been a trusted supplier of robust external litter bins and ashtray bins to be used[...]

  • Grit Bins & Boxes

    Grit Bins & Boxes

    Alison Handling supplies a full range of salt grit bins in a selection of sizes that are suitable for both[...]

  • Wheelie Bins

    Wheelie Bins

    When it comes to managing your business waste effectively, Alison Handling can guarantee to tick all your boxes! We have[...]


Waste Management Bins for Businesses

Even though disposing of waste is not the most glamorous job, disposing of it correctly will save your company money, time and physical effort.

Effective waste management promotes a safe, healthy, and sustainable workplace environment you’re your employees. By implementing proper waste management practices with our effective solutions, businesses will reduce their environmental impact, comply with local regulations, and improve their public image. Conversely, poor waste management can lead to various negative impacts, including pollution, health hazards, and resource depletion.

Our team will help you find your ideal waste management bin to meet your business requirements. Within the range below, we have a selection of commercial waste bins and outdoor litter bins for you to choose from, including the following:

  • Compact litter bins: Perfect for commercial properties, public waste management,
  • Large Wheelie bins: Mobile solutions for large-scale disposal with options ranging between 80 – 1100 litres.

All commercial and industrial waste bins we supply, including our outdoor waste bins, are made from HDPE (heavy-duty polyethylene) and are easily cleaned due to the material’s durable nature - ideal for helping maintain your bins. HDPE also resists moisture, stains, and bacteria growth, effectively storing waste without lasting damage or smells.

UK-Based Waste Bin Supplier

With a selection of colours and sizes available, you can count on Alison Handling to find you the right commercial waste bins for your business to separate, control and dispose of your waste flow successfully. You can even be prepared for colder weather with our durable Grit Bins and Boxes designed to store grit salt and anything else you might need during the colder months.

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