As we have entered a new year you may be in need of a declutter to get reorganised for the year ahead. You may have found the Christmas period overwhelming and a busy time of the year, in turn making your business operations unorganised, messy and hard to find anything.

Plastic storage boxes are versatile across many industries from bakeries to manufacturing factories and more, which will help you clear out your winter stock or keep your services streamlined.

They also lend themselves to domestic and commercial use, whether you are moving home or minimising your belongings during each season. Our plastic storage containers are the perfect way to keep your belongings safe and stored.

Our plastic storage boxes have the solutions that you are ultimately looking for when it comes to being efficient with your space and keeping your goods secure. The bottom line is that they have a low impact on the environment despite being plastic. They are reusable, recyclable and take less energy to produce, which makes them environmentally friendly and leads us to a more sustainable future.

Do not wait to organise your business operations, make the change now and get your year off to a great start.

Domestic use of plastic containers to store belongings

Our Plastic Storage Solutions

We offer an array of plastic storage boxes for your needs and they are made from the highest quality material. You can rely upon the condition to meet strict regulations or requirements. Whether it is food storage, products or hazardous waste removal, at Alison Handling we have you covered with nothing but the best plastic containers on the market. 

Commercial use

Hospitality Storage

Restaurants and commercial kitchens must be meticulous about keeping their work areas clean and our plastic storage containers help organise chef equipment and food preparation, they also keep your surfaces from being contaminated by unwanted bacteria. 

Kitchens are efficient operations and organisation is paramount to making sure food is produced on time and to the highest quality. Leveraging every second of preparation time could be the difference a positive customer review or a negative customer experience. That’s why we believe our plastic containers can help you achieve your high standards consistently.

‘In addition, we supply a large range of linen trolleys to make sure hotels are able to efficiently turn down rooms. This helps staff keep rooms clean, tidy and hygienic once guests have departed the hotel, and ready for the next guests to arrive. Our linen trolleys allow for efficient storage and are easy to transport around hotels. This enables larger loads to be moved by an individual and takes less time to clean multiply rooms at once.’

Waste Management

Hazardous waste can cause many problems if it isn't dealt with in the correct process, due to the specific requirements of plastic containers needed to move old batteries, brake fluid, oils and more from a site to a landfill safely. You will need a durable container to remove these hazardous items which in turn means your processes have to be perfectly organised. 

One way you can increase your organisation is by making sure that you have the correct plastic containers for these hazardous materials and they are on standby for immediate use. This can help to minimise the risk to employers' health and keep your site safe and secure, 24 hours a day. We offer these plastic containers for next-day delivery so that you’ll never be without them. 

Heavy Machinery Parts

Mechanical parts from machinery can be heavy or awkward due to their size, and it can be hard to move them around the factory efficiently. We ensure you have the suitable plastic storage containers that you need to be efficient in handling large machinery parts. We also offer next-day delivery, as we understand it can be tricky to get hold of reliable plastic containers and storing a large amount of plastic containers can take up valuable operational space. 

Mechanical parts can be difficult to move around due to their heavy weight, oil and specific sizes. We supply a wide range of sizes, colours and dual-wall containers so that you are prepared all year round. Weak or unsuitable plastic storage containers will break down easily over time and cost you a significant amount of money. 

Don’t settle for anything less than Alison Handling plastic containers.

Retail and Department Stores

Tailored for Various Retail Sectors

We serve various sectors, including supermarkets, fashion, entertainment, health and beauty, sports, home goods, and technology. Our storage solutions facilitate efficient organisation and seamless operations to make sure your business is working hard and smart.

Efficiency Designed for Space Utilisation

Our plastic boxes are not only stackable for space-saving but also available in various colours for easy identification. This dual-feature design caters to the specific requirements of retail and warehouse management. This will organise your operations and make the most out of your space while increasing your output.

Optimal for Supermarkets and Warehouses

Whether you're operating a supermarket requiring efficient storage or managing a warehouse producing retail goods, our durable containers are the perfect fit.

Experience the quality and efficiency of Alison Handling's plastic retail containers and warehouse storage boxes.


There are many different uses for our plastic catering boxes and containers, this includes stacking glassware, plates, cutlery and moving around trays of food. We have versatile solutions to your catering needs and will offer the highest quality plastic storage box.

Our plastic catering containers and boxes are perfect for event-hire companies, restaurants, pubs and cafes – they’re sturdy, easy to clean, easy to handle and come in many different colours. 

A lot of our plastic catering containers are manufactured in food-grade polypropylene so they’re perfectly suitable for the handling of food. Improve the organisation of your catering business with our plastic storage boxes.

Recycling & Waste Management

If you work within recycling and waste management, you’ll need a heavy-duty plastic box to store recyclables and waste, these containers will need to be able to store a good amount of weight to make sure you are organised and grouping the correct waste. This can be difficult with small or single-walled plastic containers as they will not last and cause you financial implications further down the line.

Here at Alison Handling, we stock industrial plastic boxes and containers for the recycling and waste management industry, ideal for all of your requirements. We also stock heavy-duty dollies that are perfect for the transportation of waste and recyclables around your facility too.

Large commerical use of plastic conainters in a factory

General Manufacturer Storage

Versatile and Space-Saving Storage

Our storage boxes for manufacturers are designed with versatility in mind. Whatever product you're manufacturing, our boxes provide practical storage solutions. One notable feature is their stackable design, which saves valuable space when not in use. This makes them highly efficient and suitable for a variety of applications. Our storage boxes have found various uses within the manufacturing industry. Here are just a few examples:

Transportation Industry Storage

Our boxes are ideal for storing car parts in the automobile sector or heavier equipment for the aerospace and shipping industries.

Consumer Goods Storage

Whether you require storage boxes for food beverages, or other consumer goods, our storage boxes are perfect for transporting and storing these products. Some of our boxes are even made from food-grade polypropylene, ensuring the highest safety and hygiene standards.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Storage

Our boxes are commonly used to store and transport medicine and healthcare supplies within the pharmaceutical industry. They provide a secure and organised solution for maintaining the integrity of these sensitive items.

Household Goods Manufacturing Storage

If you're involved in the manufacturing of household goods such as vacuum parts, bedding, or furniture pieces, you'll find our storage boxes to be an excellent storage option. They can effectively accommodate items of various shapes and sizes.

Electronics Components Storage

Our boxes are also suitable for storing and transporting gadgets in the electronics industry. Their sturdy construction and customisable sizes offer reliable protection for valuable electronic devices.

Invest in our high-quality storage containers today to streamline and optimise your storage and transportation needs within the manufacturing sector.

medical use of plastic bins that are labelled in order of importance

Domestic use

Document archives and more

Whether you have old family photos, books or birth certificates our plastic boxes can keep your belongings safe, secure and organised. Due to their high quality materials, they are long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Additionally, they keep out unwanted dust, water and other things that could damage important documents.

Additional storage

You might have a loft conversion or storage cupboard but are worried that the dust and other potential leaks might damage important documents. Our plastic boxes have secure lids that will completely protect your belongings from external factors. The external handles help you move them in and out of your loft space without risk, whether it’s seasonal decorations, clothes or more.

Why use Alison Handling plastic storage solutions?

The comprehensive range that we offer is very flexible at giving you the organisation that your business needs and helps find solutions for operational problems. Whether you work in food and catering, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, or simply need some extra plastic boxes for domestic use, we have a wealth of experience and stock that will organise your operations and home to the next level. 

The range that we have comes in a variety of sizes, colours and materials to be fit for any purpose. This makes Alison Handling the best plastic storage solution for your needs and one that you can count on for next-day delivery, this quick turnaround time can make sure your business is operating at full speed and fulfilling. We offer 2-3 working days delivery too as we make sure we have the services that you need.

We will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote after you have submitted your query to us. We pride ourselves in understanding your requirements and industry needs as we’ve got over 30 years of experience in dealing with plastic box solutions. 

We will make light recommendations to make sure you have everything that you need to keep your operations running perfectly. With this experience comes highly valued customers that we service to the highest of our ability. We have household names such as Wm Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Northern Foods, Premier Food Group, Nestle, Weetabix and many more. 

Join our valued customers!