Food wholesale has been growing steadily over the years and has been on an upward trajectory despite COVID-19 and other recent economic crises. The gross value added of the UK agri-food sector in 2021 was estimated at around £128.3 billion, which was an increase from the previous year (12.3% increase). There has also been an increase in GVA for all food and drink sectors by 31.6% and manufacturing by 8%, retailing by 5.5%. 

Despite this growth in general the food sector is having less of an impact on the economy and has seen less scope than other industries. Efficiency is where this sector can take off and improving the speed in logistics, storage and transportation could see new levels of growth.

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Euro stacking containers and their relevance in the food industry

We will explore the benefits of Euro Stacking Containers and how they can help you see growth in your food wholesale production and distribution. In the essence of growth, how can they improve efficient processes and create new compliant lines of logistics? 

Euro stacking containers can enhance efficiency in food wholesale operations

Euro Stacking Containers come with an abundance of benefits and can take your business operations to the next level. They come in a few standardised dimensions made from durable materials, combined with stackable and versatile interlocking clips. You will be able to handle Euro Stacking Containers with ease and keep it hygienic to be used on multiple trips. You won't be able to find a more cost-effective container for your food wholesale needs as it bolsters security with tamper-proof seals, customisation options with lids and dividers, and finally sustainability for the future due to its reusable and long-lasting materials.

Understanding Food Wholesale Operations

Food wholesalers have to consider many variables in supply chains, to make sure they can serve bulk food products to retailers, restaurants, institutions and other places that sell or serve food to end customers. 

Sourcing and Procurement

Relationship building is the key to a healthy, efficient and timely supply chain and one that should be focused on by all food wholesalers. Establishing your reliable producers, manufacturers and suppliers is key to successful growth. Product selection can be down to customers' needs being met, that you have exceptionally fresh produce, packaged goods, frozen items and speciality food. Quality control ensures you meet and safely deliver through inspections and certifications. 

Inventory Management

Storage facilities are a limiting factor for many food wholesalers, due to the amount of money it can cost to rent space. Cold storage can equally make it difficult to keep costs down and an increasingly pressurised UK economy. Space saving methods are the sole solution to warehouses with limited space. It’s advised to have a strict stock management process as this can also lend itself to avoiding overstocking, stockouts or failure to manage cash flow correctly. It’s key in stock rotations to make sure you are not wasting food produce where possible and keeping wasted costs low. This accounts for around 252 million meals annually in the UK for food wholesalers, which continues to plague the wholesale industry as a major failure to address solutions for this problem.

Logistics and Distribution

Transportation of goods can be difficult to get right as several variables can either go wrong or be missed. Coordinating the movement of produce to suppliers' warehouses and then to the customers can require planning and real timescales. As to not let the end customer down with poor quality produce. Managing a fleet with the correct container on board is the best place to start in mastering logistics and distribution.

Euro Stacking Containers are a recognised way to transport goods in a standardised format. They are reusable plastic containers that are efficient at storing, handling and transporting produce and are well known in European logistics and supply chains for being efficient and effective with a multitude of features. But why are they well known and what makes them stand out over conventional plastic containers?

Standardised Dimensions and Stackability

As mentioned above these containers come in a standardised size to make transportation easy and accessible. The common base size comes in  600x400mm and 400x300 which are both optimised to save space on a Euro Pallet that measures 1200x800. These dimensions allow for easy and synced stacking without wasting any space. They will lock into place and are stable in supply chains across Europe, either in storage or transportation. You will be able to use these containers with or without lids, as they stack on the solid walls of the container. 

Construction, design and materials

They are made from a highly durable material that will not break down over time or break under sudden pressure. The high density polypropylene will be the ideal material for your industry as it has strength in its ergonomic handles that make this container easy to lift, handle and move around warehouses, facilities and more. The design keeps hygiene a top priority as all of the surfaces are smooth and with rounded corners, so you won’t struggle to clean this container and is crucial for industries with strict hygiene requirements, these can include food processing, pharmaceuticals and beverages. 

Compatible and compliant with the environment

The major features of the Euro Stacking Container come from its ability to fit into any automation system as they have been designed to fit in without problems to your workflow. You can find them applicable with automated handling and conveyor systems and this is perfect for modern, automated warehouses and production lines that require minimal employee involvement. This standardised container is built for the future in mind as it will reduce the amount of waste compared to wooden containers and pallets but also contribute to a sustainable planet with its low impact materials. Matched with long-lasting materials you will find yourself having to replace this container or pallets a lot less often. 

Benefits of Euro Stacking Containers in Food Wholesale

Efficiency in Storage

Its stackable feature allows transportation costs to be reduced drastically, as this can be a major limiting factor in food wholesale. You will be constantly transporting food through supply chains and making sure that the most can be delivered on time and in the best possible condition.

The durability of these containers helps you make sure that supply chains are solid and not causing accidental damage to produce. Food is perishable and suffers from limited time and durability, these containers help solve both these problems in food wholesale. You will be able to transport perishable produce efficiently and reach the customer on time and before its best before date. The durable walls and stackable features will securely stack the produce in a protected shell and ensure the quality of food in wholesale remains at its peak. 

Ease of cleaning is a fantastic way to make sure food produce is kept at its freshest for the end customer and throughout the supply chain. It supports hygienic standards as you will be able to count on the container being free from contamination or pests. 

The ease of handling and compatibility will make sure your food wholesale processes are moving efficiently. Food wholesalers will benefit from its compatibility with forklift trucks, you will be able to move bulk orders with ease. Additionally, with smaller and more manual processes you will be able to use the short handles to move them by hand, without causing a risk to your employee's safety. Match this with the compatibility of automated machines and systems you can keep food wholesale as efficient as possible without human intervention and potential hygiene risks or errors to food quality.

How to Implement Euro Stacking Containers in Your Operations

Tips for evaluating your current storage and transportation needs

We recommend that you look at your current storage set up and the types of containers that you are typically using at the moment. Whether they are standing the test of time and are still in good condition will be a good starting point. A regular audit of your inventory will make sure you are using the right containers and sizes for your produce. 

Transportation demands are unique to each wholesaler and supply chain. Space utilisation studies can help you identify bottlenecks and underutilised areas. Euro stacking containers can be more effective in stacking and allow you to use the height of your facilities more efficiently.

Technology integrations are important to consider if you are using the correct management system to track and optimise storage and transportation. We would recommend that you look into using the correct containers to comply with your automated systems without disrupting your workflow. Euro stacking containers are designed specifically with this in mind and can be a vast improvement over other plastic storage containers.

Guide to choosing the right Euro stacking containers for specific needs.

Look at what your specific needs are in terms of improving your already existing workflow. We at Alison Handling can help recommend where euro stacking containers can improve your workflow, which size is appropriate for you and the benefits to your supply chain.

Do you need more space to store and transport food? Look at the standardised sizes of the euro stacking containers, 800x600, 600x400 and 400x300 and which is most appropriate. 

Are you looking to protect your food and improve the quality of your supply chain? Then consider the materials that the euro stacking containers can bring to your supply chains in protecting your produce from accidental damage. The lightweight materials in transportation can help reduce the amount of emissions in transportation, saving you valuable money. 

Do you need added features of lids, covers, handles and or label holders? Planning out whether you need these features can help elevate your supply chain as you can protect the contents from dust, pests and contamination. The ergonomic design can allow for manual moving as well as fitting into automated systems. A label holder can make sure that you are better tracking inventory and give a quick identification for contents when in transportation.

Consider Using a Euro Stacking Container 

Your operations will drastically improve when you consider using a euro stacking container for your storage and transportation needs. You can find our euro stacking container and pallets at bulk discount prices.

We have additional resources about which food wholesale sector they can be used in.

Contact us for more information, we have an in-house team of experts that will provide industry knowledge on the best products for your storage and transportation needs. We have the plastic solutions that will keep you AHEAD of the competition.