Waste Management Solutions

At Alison Handling we provide many different types of plastic containers that will suit your industry needs. We pride ourselves on having the industry knowledge and experience that will be the solution to your problem. We understand that waste management can be a difficult industry and a costly one to get right. Containers need to be durable, long-lasting and made from premium materials. This comes with added costs that can make or break your financial books in the short term, without solid evidence that they will go the distance with you and your needs. Alison Handling supplies a range of waste management boxes from plastic pallet boxes, Dolavs, Wheelie Bins, Lidded Boxes, Bar Trucks and Stacking Containers.

Whether you are after a small, medium or large container we have you covered with our wide range of waste management solutions. Waste management storage containers can be difficult to get a hold of due to long wait times in supply chains or finding the correct quality of products. Not with us, we have unbeatable customer services as we offer next-day delivery and are readily stocked full of the products that you need. You won't be waiting for what you need and we are the largest stockist in the UK of premium plastic waste management storage containers.  

Issues Surrounding Waste Management

We want you to stay ahead of your competition and our products will allow you to do that. If you are unsure we are more than happy to speak to you over the phone to understand what your needs are and suggest which product will be the most suitable to solve it.

Limited Landfill Space

We know that landfill sites are increasingly under pressure to dissolve, forcing you to find alternative methods of disposing of waste. This can alter not only your business structure but also the products, materials and number of employees you have. Finding alternatives might not be a viable option and slow your business down. Our products are versatile to fit your business needs and are agile in moving waste to new alternative solutions, whether that is recycling plants or others.

EU Regulation

Prior to the UK leaving the European Union, waste directives have changed, and the scrutiny of new post-Brexit might pose new challenges to you and your business. We are on hand to keep you informed and agile to work around these needs and challenges. We stock industry-leading products and standardised pallet boxes that will fit new and existing regulations. External factors can be difficult to stay ahead of but we will make sure you are ready for whatever is thrown at your business.

Urban Density 

This is causing a lot of problems for businesses that do not have a streamlined waste removal process, as well as the knock-on effects to the local environment. As cities become densely populated the waste increases drastically from restaurants, kitchens, homes and more. We stock a wide range of products that can help in domestic and commercial settings alike. Tapered trucks can move empty beer bottles while stacking containers can help section out recyclable products in households. On top of being colour-coded, this can streamline waste management and be the solution to your problems as urban density increases.

Local Authority Funding

This can limit your business and make it harder to get things off the ground, as you will be struggling for government support. The costs will be too expensive to expand or even get started, we aim to help support you with discounts on bulk purchases and more. We make sure that we stock a wide variety of products that are also affordable for your business needs. We make sure that you have the selection of products, at the right price and with next-day delivery. We provide solid solutions to an expensive industry that is limited in time.

Climate Change Adaptation

Waste management infrastructure has changed vastly over the recent years. It has become resilient to change as extreme weather and rising temperatures are at risk of altering the way we recycle products and how we dispose of waste. Waste management has kept this high on the agenda and makes sure the best solutions are being implemented and are not causing problems to supply chains. Our products are built to last under extreme conditions and are made from materials that are hygienic, premium and temperature-controlled. Dolav Plastic Pallet Boxes can keep hazardous waste safe from human exposure and withstand heavy loads that would typically break other plastic storage containers. These containers are at the forefront of waste management adaptation and are innovatively supporting the industry in finding new solutions to waste management. The environmental impact of these containers is low, as they comply with climate change and are sustainable over many years. 

What Boxes are Used for Waste Management

Pallet boxes

We have an expensive range of plastic pallet boxes and they come in a wide selection of colours, so you can choose the right pallets that match your company’s branding or help colour-code your organisation. Our plastic pallets are far easier to clean, making them hygienic for industry standards. They are safer to use and handle so you can say goodbye to rogue splinters and nails as this improves your employee's safety and handling containers without worry of injury claims.

All the plastic pallets we sell are health and safety compliant, as well as incredibly durable. They are manufactured from high-density polyethene which is known to last under extensive usage. This means that each plastic pallet made from HDPE can support large amounts of weight, especially when it comes to transporting goods in bulk. A waste management solution that can help you move in the right direction while not costing you valuable money or time.

Dolav Pallet Boxes

The original “industry standard” pallet box, innovatively manufactured from one piece of high-density polyethene, we supply Dolav boxes that are incredibly damage-resistant, even at low temperatures when other boxes would become brittle, a significant advantage for waste management that requires moving heavy and awkward items. They are lightweight, meaning you do not have to sacrifice ease of handling for box strength and assisting your team with their manual handling.We hold in stock the heavy-duty Dolav Ace which is a polyethylene, one-piece moulded three-runner pallet box designed to offer added safety when tipping, this makes waste removal easier. The Dolav Ace pallet box is available in a solid, perforated version and a variety of colours to choose from. Capable of carrying loads up to 900 kg, loaded Dolav Ace pallet boxes can be safely moved by forklift or pallet truck and avoids any risk of injury to your team.

The Dolav folding pallet box is capable of carrying loads up to 750kg which makes them strong and durable at removing waste. They are also efficient space savers as they can fold away in storage or return journeys.

Plastic Mobile Container Trucks

These are great at collecting large quantities of waste and keep your waste portable with their wheels. This makes for efficient solutions in many different scenarios. It has applications across a variety of industries but will mainly benefit the waste and management industry as a long-lasting solution to clearing waste with its highly manoeuvrable wheels.

This provides solutions in the hospitality industry as you can load this product with beer bottles and other general waste from a bar. Once full you can move the bar truck to your outside waste unit and make sure your bar is hygienic, efficient and running smoothly during business hours.

We supply bar trucks that come in a range of sizes to fit your company colours or keep your organisation efficient. We have Paxton-branded mobile trucks that are industry-leading with fantastic durability. If space is a limiting factor of your operation then you should take a look at our tapered trucks and containers as these come with larger wheels. This makes them ideal for moving larger loads and efficient with your space. We recommend these firstly to the waste management industry due to their long-lasting materials and ability to hold large loads across distances. Whether you’re looking to transport a small number of light items or a large number of heavy items, our mobile tapered trucks can do the job. These trucks have a capacity of 118 litres right up to 455 litres.

Why Choose Us?

Alison Handling is the UK’s premium provider of cutting-edge plastic storage solutions and will go the distance with you. A versatile range of products that can meet the needs of a vast array of industries as well as being affordable. We pride ourselves on delivering quality, affordability, and excellent customer service while meeting the specific needs of your business. Our commitment to environmental responsibility ensures that our solutions are fully recyclable and sustainably impacting the world. Whether you are looking for industrial or domestic use of our plastic storage solutions, our versatile containers cater to a myriad of industries. We work closely with food and hospitality to healthcare and education as we are the UK’s leading suppliers.

Discover how this unwavering dedication can help you become industry-leading in the waste management industry and be the solution your business needs.