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When you need to move goods around the workplace in a way that is both safe and efficient, Alison Handling can offer you the perfect solution with our range of heavy duty dollies.

Our varied designs ensure that we have one suited to most plastic storage boxes, including stacking boxes, bread baskets and stacking crates.

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  • Heavy Duty Dollies

    Heavy Duty Dollies

    When you need to move goods around the workplace in a way that’s both safe and efficient, our plastic dollies[...]


Top Quality Moving Dollies

We manufacture our high-quality dollies from durable polythene, which offer heavy duty dolly wheels providing an excellent resource for industrial use and easy to transport. Additionally, it ensures that all our new plastic dollies meet the hygiene criteria to be used where food is handled, such as in cafeteria kitchens and food warehouses.

An industrial heavy duty dolly trolley is ideal for transporting your products from one place to another, making the production line much simpler and more efficient. If you are looking for containers to put on our dollies, we also offer a wide range of flawlessly and many more storage solutions, such as plastic stacking trays and baskets and bunded pallets & spill trays.

A Variety of Heavy Duty Dollies at Alison Handling

We offer a range of moving dollies that come in many different designs to suit any task required, as well as being available in a range of colours and sizes. Our range consists of:

  • Heavy duty plastic dollies - These are an excellent choice for transporting any containers, customised to suit various. Made from recycled MD Polythene, they come in either single or double-stacking patterns to accommodate your choice of storage.
  • A-Link dollies - This product offers a unique innovation developed to meet the needs of our valued customers. Moulded with HDPE (High Density Polyethene) suitable for food storage, this model has the significant benefit of interlocking with others on all four sides to create flexible transportation options.
  • Plastic dollies - These are classic solutions for moving goods around the workplace. We offer various designs, including rectangle and round and with a choice of including a handle.

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Aside from our incredibly popular plastic moving dollies, we also offer bespoke stainless steel dollies if you need a sturdier container for more robust situations.

If you’re in need of excellent storage as well as our heavy duty dollies, then please browse our range of other products available online.  

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