Plastic Stack and Nest Boxes

Our nesting storage containers are perfect for creating an organised and compact inventory, offering the ideal solution for making the most of your available storage space.

These plastic nesting boxes stack securely when loaded thanks to their swing bars and bail arms and nest neatly when empty, helping you save extra space on return lorry loads.

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Plastic Stack and Nest Boxes Categories

  • 180 Stack and Nest Containers

    180 Stack and Nest Containers

    Alison Handling holds in stock a range of new and used 180° stack and nest containers. Our selection of new[...]

  • Bale Arm Crates & Trays

    Bale Arm Crates & Trays

    Alison Handling holds in stock a range of Bale Arm Crates, both new and recycled, available in a variety of[...]

  • Linpac Containers & Boxes

    Linpac Containers & Boxes

    Alison Handling holds in stock a wide range of new and used Linpac stack nest containers. Both solid and perforated[...]

  • Stack Nest Swing Bar Boxes

    Stack Nest Swing Bar Boxes

    Alison Handling holds in stock a range of new and used polypropylene stack nest swing bar containers, both solid and[...]


Varied Range of High-Quality Nesting Storage Boxes

We maintain a broad range of high-quality options for stack and nest containers, and we are confident that we have what you need in our online catalogue. Our selection consists of the following:

180 stack and nest containersStackable plastic storage can be stacked when either full or nested when empty. Our nest storage containers are excellent solutions for a compact storage solution.

Bale Arm Crates and TraysThe bale arm additions provide convenient handles for effective product distribution and can also nest up to 76% to reduce empty space.

Fish boxes and basketsMade of food-grade polypropylene, these boxes are a reliable and safe choice when handling food and come with drain holes for efficient cleaning.

Linpac Containers and BoxesDurable food storage containers with partial perforation, allowing air to circulate as well as 180 stacking and nesting options.

Stack and nest swing bar boxesPopular for food distribution and grocery storage, these boxes are solid and reliable despite their perforations.

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Recycled Plastic Storage for Food Manufacturing

Our nest storage boxes are made of robust polypropene, allowing them to handle heavy or bulky loads in transit and storage.

We can supply you with our ventilated stacking storage boxes, which feature perforated sides, or we also offer solid stack and nest boxes. The perforated sides of the stacking storage boxes help get airflow in and keep the produce fresh.

Available in a range of colours and sizes, you can purchase our nesting storage boxes for your every requirement. Browse our range of stack storage boxes below.

For something a little more robust, check out our range of Dolav pallet boxes instead. If you have any questions about our stackable plastic storage boxes, you can contact us, and our friendly team will answer them all.

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