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Welcome to the Alison Handling website, where you will find a comprehensive range of plastic storage boxes, both new and second hand. As an independent company based in the UK, we are able to offer our customers across the country and throughout Europe the best possible prices on a variety plastic storage items such as trays, skips, totes and pallets.

All of our storage boxes are extremely well made and suitable for a range of purposes and environments, including both the industrial sector and for use at home. So, whether you work in the food and catering industry, manufacturing, retail, health care or simply need some extra plastic containers for the home, there really is a wealth of choice available from Alison Handling.

This varied range of storage solution products is available in different sizes, designs and colours, so proves to be incredibly versatile.

Used Plastic Boxes – We both buy and sell used boxes which means you can purchase your items at an even lower price or if you have some boxes you wish to sell, you can even make some money too! Please feel free to contact us for much more information about any of our new or used plastic storage boxes.