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Alison Handling supplies the food manufacturing industry with many pieces of equipment, including this range of high-quality ingredient storage solutions.

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  • Ingredient Dispensers

    Ingredient Dispensers

    Alison Handling holds in stock an extensive range of plastic ingredient dispensers in a variety of colours, sizes and capacities[...]

  • Mobile Ingredient Bins

    Mobile Ingredient Bins

    Alison Handling stocks a range of durable, mobile and food-safe mobile ingredient storage bins perfect for meat processing, baking, pharmaceutical[...]

  • Ingredients Racks & Troughs

    Ingredients Racks & Troughs

    Alison Handling also offers a range of metal racks and troughs in varied specifications and designs to provide the perfect[...]

  • Paxton Ingredient Dispensers

    Paxton Ingredient Dispensers

    Alison Handling supply made to order Paxton Ingredient Dispensers in a range of colours and sizes. Polyethylene Paxton Ingredient Dispensers[...]


Ingredient Storage for Businesses

These plastic storage containers are not just limited to organic ingredients either. They are used across many industries to securely store and dispense miniature components for organic and inorganic products. For example, these polyethylene containers are ideal for storing ingredients in food manufacturing environments and housing small components such as nuts, bolts, caps and closures in the electronic and engineering sectors. Ingredient storage boxes are also used widely in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Varied Ingredient Storage Solutions

Alison Handling holds in stock a range of static, mobile and automated plastic ingredient storage containers and dispensers in various colours. As a result, we are confident that our customers can find everything they need with us. Our catalogue consists of the following:

Ingredient dispensers: These plastic dispensers commonly store and dispense items such as cereal, nuts, and confectionery. They come in various sizes and shapes, with easy-to-use mechanisms that dispense a specific amount of product.

Mobile ingredient bins: These large, heavy-duty plastic bins commonly store flour, sugar, and grains. They have tight-fitting lids that can be easily opened and closed and come in various sizes to suit different storage needs.

Ingredients racks and troughs: Plastic ingredient troughs, mounted on durable metal frames, are long, narrow containers commonly used by businesses to store and transport ingredients such as flour, sugar, and grains.

Paxton ingredient dispensers: Specialising in ingredient dispensing, Paxton is a highly regarded manufacturer of reliable automated dispensers for food products. We supply this popular choice to businesses such as bakeries, restaurants, and cafes to accurately measure and dispense any form of organic elements like ingredients for foods.

Independent UK Ingredient Storage Bin Supplier

We are the UK’s leading stockists of food-safe plastic storage solutions, offering comprehensive options for our customers in the food and catering industry, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. Browse our range below or contact us to discover how our products could help improve your business. We offer swift delivery on all orders.

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