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When it comes to moving weighty or bulky items, our range of heavy-duty Plastic Pallet boxes and Dolav Boxes quite literally deliver the goods.

We stock an extensive selection of high-quality, durable pallet boxes suitable for a range of applications.

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Plastic Pallet Boxes Categories

  • AHPB3 / AHPB1

    AHPB3 / AHPB1

    Alison Handling holds a range of AHPB3/AHPB1's, This box-pallet is made of Virgin Material (High Density Polyethylene with structural foam).[...]

  • Geo Boxes & Containers

    Geo Boxes & Containers

    Geo boxes available from Alison Handling! Geo Boxes are strong and robust pallet boxes. It is moulded in food grade HDPE[...]

  • Pallet Boxes

    Pallet Boxes

    Alison Handling holds in stock a range of heavy-duty, new and used plastic pallet boxes in a selection of[...]

  • Bulk Handling Equipment

    Bulk Handling Equipment


Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet Boxes Ideal for Commercial & Industrial Applications

Our industrial heavy-duty Pallet Boxes are perfect for various commercial and industrial applications. In addition, these industrial plastic Pallet Boxes were designed for use with forklifts and handling equipment, ensuring that they will be the solution to your bulk storage problems and provide easy access.

Top Quality Pallet Box Suppliers

Every Pallet Box is fitted with runners or pallet feet for easy transportation and is available in various sizes and designs, including solid and ventilated styles. Our plastic Pallet Boxes have a smooth design that makes them incredibly easy to clean.

We make our industrial pallet boxes from hard-wearing HDPE (High-density Polyethylene), ensuring they're robust enough to handle any pressure put upon them during transit again and again. Additionally, the optional Polyethelyene material on offer will provide a food-quality certified storage solution, perfect for any food manufacturer or catering company.

Varied Range of Heavy Duty Pallet Boxes

We offer a range of designs for our customers searching for the best heavy duty plastic Pallet Box. The range we provide consists of:

AHPB3 / AHPB1 – Made of virgin material consisting of HDPE (high-density Polyethene) with structural foam. These single moulds with three runners are perfect for logistics, food processes or waste, batteries collection or any other storage needs. Fitted with hooked, stackable lids, these are an excellent choice for temporary or long-term storage.

Dolav Boxes – Made from moulded food grade HDPE (high-density Polyethene), these boxes are the perfect choice for the food industry as the boxes' cleanliness and food-safe material ensure your stocked meat, veg, and fish will remain safe while being moved either by hand or forklift.

Pallet Boxes – Also made from HDPE (High-density Polyethylene), these varied boxes can be solid or ventilated and have many other specifications to choose from, such as lids and drop-down doors for easy access. Appropriate for a broad range of industries and manufacturers, these heavy-duty boxes can be used to transport immense numbers of smaller items simultaneously on forklifts or pallet trucks.

Bulk Handling Equipment – We also provide a range of equipment designed to assist with filling and emptying your heavy-duty plastic boxes, including tippers, tilters with built-in weight scales and Dolav wash frames.

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