Euro Stacking Containers & Boxes

At Alison Handling, our supply of plastic euro stacking containers and boxes are ideal for warehouse storage, which is why they are used across most major industries. 

Made from robust polypropylene, we supply containers which can handle heavy-duty loads which are guaranteed to stay strong. Featuring hand holes for easy manual handling, our euro stacking containers stack neatly and securely to make transport both safe and straightforward.

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with a sleek, smooth design in mind, each stacking box and container is easy to clean, meaning they are perfected suited for:

  • food storage
  • engineering
  • electronics
  • textiles
  • storage
  • transportation industries.

Due to the high variety of colours available, we can offer colour coded euro stacking boxes so your warehouse or factory is organised and your employees can easily distinguish each product by the colour of the box. Most of our customers in the food manufacturing industry take advantage of this, making sure to colour code their boxes by meat, veg, fish etc. They can also handle both hot and cold temperatures & are resistant to acids and oils – you can see why they’re so popular within industries that handle food.

These containers are designed to fit standard European sized wooden and plastic pallets so we supply them in sizes of 400x300mm, 600x400mm & 800x600mm. We have ventilated stacking boxes available as well as solid ones, these feature perforated sides and keep the contents fresh due to the air flow, these are also great for the food & harvesting industry as you can imagine.

They may not look it, but these plastic storage boxes are extremely durable because of the heavy duty plastic used when making them, this means you can carry heavy products back & forth multiple times & our euro stackers won’t break.

With a range of colours and sizes available, we’ve got something to suit every need. In addition to our plastic storage boxes, we also stock a range of lidded boxes and stack nest boxes.

Browse our range of euro stacking containers below or contact us for a quote today.

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