Plastic Lidded Storage Boxes

Our lidded boxes offer that extra security you need for transporting and storing high-value items safely. These durable plastic boxes with lids are an excellent choice for stacked storage and stock transport in commercial retail, manufacturing, or industrial environments.

Plastic storage boxes with lids are incredibly useful for a range of different applications, and we can help to find the perfect one for your needs.

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Plastic Lidded Storage Boxes Categories

  • Plastic Storage Boxes with Folding Lids

    Plastic Storage Boxes with Folding Lids

    Alison Handling holds in stock a range of new and used attached lid boxes in a selection of sizes to[...]

  • Eco-Friendly Storage Boxes & Containers with Lids

    Eco-Friendly Storage Boxes & Containers with Lids

    Alison Handling holds in stock a range of recycled economy attached lid boxes in a selection of sizes to suit[...]

  • Hinged Lid Plastic Boxes

    Hinged Lid Plastic Boxes

    Alison Handling holds in stock both new and used Euro Containers with hinged lids, which are ideal for applications where[...]

  • Voyager Attached Lid Boxes

    Voyager Attached Lid Boxes

    Alison Handling holds in stock new and used polypropylene plastic attached lidded boxes in a range of six colours; blue, green, black,[...]


Reliable Plastic Lidded Storage Boxes

Each of our high-end plastic boxes with lids comes with fully-fitted hinged lids that stay firmly secured to your boxes during transit, which means no more lost covers or spilt goods. As an extra security measure, we've also fitted our large plastic boxes with lids with tamper-evident seals to deter any interference during distribution.

To further minimise the risk of loss in transit, our lids come equipped with a ticket window, allowing you to apply labels to your boxes securely while keeping them fully visible to couriers. We can even supply dollies for the safe movement of your lidded boxes!

Varied Range of Dependable Plastic Lidded Boxes

We maintain a varied range of lidded plastic boxes to meet the needs of a broad range of customers. Our selection consists of:

Attached Lid Boxes – These Polypropylene plastic boxes come in varied specifications that enable many companies to protect and stack the contents inside easily. Thanks to convenient ticket windows, each container can be easily identified later.

Eco-Lidded Boxes – Made from recycled Polypropylene, these lidded boxes come with tamper-resistant seals on their attached lids to provide extra security. In addition, they can be stacked or nested to suit your business's immediate needs.

Euro Containers – These containers made of grey Polypropylene come with hinged lids ideal for a variety of different applications. They can be supplied with moulded hand grips to facilitate easy manual handling or even provided with appropriate-sized dollies to transport stacked euro containers.

Lidded Boxes Supplier

We supply lids on their own for our lidded storage boxes, so if you've lost a lid or need a spare, we can help with that too. Our storage boxes with lids come in a range of different sizes and colours with a variety of lid types, perfect for your every requirement.

Check out our complete range of large plastic storage boxes with lids below. You can also browse our full selection of other plastic storage solutions online. If you have any questions about our popular products, such as our plastic crates with lids, then contact us directly, and we'll answer them all.

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