Maintaining product freshness, quality, and hygiene in the highly competitive fishing industry is crucial for commercial fishing companies. One of the critical elements in achieving these goals is effective fish storage.

This blog will delve into plastic storage's vital role in preserving fish products and explore the popularity of Saeplast container boxes that Alison Handling offers.

commercial fish storage

What are the relevant regulations related to fish storage?

Commercial fishing companies must adhere to food safety regulations, encompassing vital requirements such as appropriate handling and storage practices to prevent contamination and ensure product safety.

This means that the fish boxes a commercial fishing company chooses must meet many standards to ensure compliant operations from storage, distribution and, eventually, sale.

There are many regulations, but these are two examples relevant to commercial fish product storage.

  • Food Safety Regulations relate to preventing contamination and ensuring product safety throughout the supply chain: This includes external elements such as temperature control monitoring. Still, for the fish storage boxes, the focus is on secure, sealed choices that protect the contents permanently from harmful bacteria during refrigerated travel or storage at their destination.
  • Seafood Traceability and Labelling Regulations: These involve detailed accountability through accurate labelling of the stored fish products connected to documentation that explains its origin, journey, and destination.

With the right storage choice, sellers and buyers will be confident that their fish products comply with these regulations and are safe for their customers.

Why choose Saeplast container fish boxes?

commercial fish storage

In the fast-paced and competitive fishing industry, maintaining high levels of hygiene is paramount to ensure product safety and meet consumer expectations.

Superior product integrity

The highly regarded Saeplast container fish boxes provide a range of advantages in terms of hygiene. The non-porous nature of plastic materials makes them easy to clean and sanitise, reducing the risk of bacterial contamination. This is particularly crucial for the commercial fishing industry, where maintaining a clean and sterile environment is vital whilst the non-porous nature of the material reduces lasting odours.

Plastic fish storage, like the previously mentioned Saeplast containers, feature secure and airtight seals, preventing external contaminants from compromising the fish's quality and ensuring the product's integrity under the previously explained regulations.

Increased product self life

Maintaining the appropriate storage conditions is of utmost importance when preserving the quality and prolonging the shelf life of fish products.

Whilst the external conditions of your storage space or delivery lorry will heavily affect your outcome, having the best-insulated storage will also significantly extend the shelf life of your fish items, and plastic storage achieves this excellently.

One key advantage is their ability to assist with effective temperature control. Specifically, plastic containers like the Saeplast insulated containers and tubs excel in their insulation properties. By creating a barrier against external temperature fluctuations, these containers ensure a consistent and optimal environment for the contained fish.

This prevents rapid temperature changes related to transportation transitions, such as loading or unloading a refrigerated vehicle that could quickly compromise the fish's quality, texture, and freshness.

By utilising effective storage choices such as these, commercial fishing companies achieve the required hygiene standards and ultimately deliver safer, more satisfying products to their customers.

Condensed storage with stackable fish boxes

commercial fish storage

The efficient and condensed organisation of fish product inventory is a key factor in optimising any commercial food operations, and plastic boxes play a significant role in achieving this. Once the products have been transported, they must be stored until needed. Saeplast options are not generally used in this role, and the emptied contents will be stored in stackable fish boxes and baskets.

One aspect of the condensed but organised inventory is the stackable design standard in our range of fish boxes. These containers allow for a condensed storage option that will not compromise the contents, making the most of the storage space in freezers, cold rooms, or vehicles.

This not only maximises efficiency in space management however also facilitates streamlined inventory management within these refrigerated environments that increase in running costs the larger they are.

Improved organisation for fish deliveries

commercial fish storage

Coloured plastic storage plays a crucial role in commercial fish storage by effectively identifying items and improving overall organisation. In addition, using different colours in plastic storage containers creates visually simplistic categorisation and differentiation of various fish products, contributing to streamlined inventory management.

By assigning specific colours to different types of fish or product categories, commercial fishing companies can quickly identify and locate particular items. Reducing the time and effort required for inventory checks and stock rotation. This also connects to the previously mentioned regulations regarding accurate labelling and product traceability.

This enhanced organisation improves operational efficiency and minimises errors and potential mix-ups during storage, along with the appropriate labelling. In addition, using coloured plastic storage containers provides a visually intuitive system that optimises the overall organisation of fish storage, facilitating smoother logistics and ensuring the right products are readily accessible when needed.

These organisational benefits offered by our plastic storage range for fish product storage contribute to smoother logistics, enhanced traceability, and minimised errors in safely storing fish products at your business.

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Effective fish product transportation and storage boxes at Alison Handling

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