Every business and organisation in the UK has spent recent years exploring new ways of enacting daily operations but with new eco-friendly methods. This economy-spanning unity was inspired by the UK government’s commitment to NetZero 2050, an international strategy designed to create a more sustainable economy.

This goal connects with every workplace’s need for reliable storage solutions. It has inspired managers to source reusable, recycled and eco-friendly choices like the ones we supply at Alison Handling. Read on to learn about how our catalogue of products and how it will help your organisation be more sustainable.

Increasing Sustainability With NetZero 2050

NetZero 2050 is a global initiative to reduce carbon emissions to NetZero by the year 2050 to reduce the quickening effects of climate change. This goal requires a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in our economy.

As a result, In the UK, many businesses enjoy the benefits of recycling as they take steps to improve their sustainability and reduce their carbon emissions to meet the targets set out by this strategy. However, many areas can be enhanced to create a cumulative improvement. Whilst investing in renewable energy and creating a paperless office are the obvious methods, there are less apparent tactics that will positively affect your organisation’s sustainability, such as your choice of storage solutions.

Invest in Sustainable Storage

Creating a more sustainable storage space will have environmental benefits and reduce your long-term expenses. You can take two main steps toward making your storage space more environmentally friendly; the first is to invest in plastic as a reusable and reliable material.

Benefits of Plastic for Storage

There are many beneficial results when replacing cardboard with plastic storage. However, whilst plastic affects the environment, many people are unaware that cardboard uses 40% more energy during manufacturing. This fact, combined with the perishable nature of cardboard, makes it the wrong choice for a group wishing to optimise its sustainability.

Similarly, there are advantages to replacing wood pallets with plastic. Wood, cardboard, and other perishable materials for storage will cause persistent problems for your in-house storage as they will decay beyond use erratically and need replacing at your expense and the environment.

Most of our product range is manufactured from HDPE (high-density Polyethylene) or MDPE (medium-density polyethene). These highly durable plastic materials will remain helpful for an impressive time despite being used in active workplaces such as retail warehouse storage, industrial manufacturing facilities and food and pharmaceutical production.

Reduce Virgin Plastics

The second step for improving your storage area’s sustainability is to consider the source of your plastic storage choices. Virgin plastics relate to items created from new raw materials at a high cost to the environment. Producing virgin plastics involves non-renewable fossil fuels, such as oil and gas.

These depleting resources are extracted, transported, and used in manufacturing at a high cost to the environment, such as toxic chemicals and increased emissions. Generally, many virgin containers will be discarded in landfills once they have no more use, contributing to environmental pollution.

Recycled plastics, biodegradable materials, or reusable containers are the positive alternative to significantly improve your company’s relationship with the environment. The environmental cost of virgin plastics for items like storage boxes and pallets shows the impact your company is unintentionally having by using only virgin plastic storage. At Alison Handling, we promote various reusable storage options to enable you to choose a better path closer to the NetZero 2050 goal.

Eco-Friendly Plastic Storage Products for Businesses

Cost-Effective Used Storage

Here at Alison Handling, we strive to support our customer’s efforts to be sustainable, so we offer a range of used plastic boxes, pallets, and dollies bought back from our previous customers once they no longer need them. This process enables our future customers to choose from a highly affordable range of used plastic storage boxes over sourcing a virgin alternative. This range of products changes often, so checking it regularly will increase the chance of finding the perfect sustainable choices for your business.

Recycled Plastic Storage

We also stock a broad range of recycled plastic boxes and containers made from recycled plastic as another environmentally friendly choice. Another element of our buy-back system involves recycling used products that are no longer viable for use, re-grinding them and creating new containers, trays, and boxes.

Re-grind is a term for the resulting debris (called pellets) created when the plastic is chopped and ground into pieces. Reducing unusable products back into raw materials is an effective way of recycling PCP into new products with significantly less environmental impact.

Post-consumer plastic (PCP) relates to plastic that has already been used and is being recycled into new items. Recycling post-consumer plastic is essential to reducing plastic waste and its environmental impact. Recycling post-consumer plastic involves collecting, sorting, and processing the waste material into new plastic products, such as the recycled plastic products we sell. This approach is popular with our customers in food manufacturing as we can purchase back any old equipment failing to meet workplace standards, recycle it and enable them to purchase new items to replace them.

Sustainable Plastic Storage from Alison Handling

Our range of used and recycled plastic storage products provides a broad range of businesses and organisations with the capability to improve their sustainability and equipment expenses long term due to the reliable durability of our plastic materials.

At Alison Handling, we’re committed to doing our part for the environment. Browse our full range of used and recycled plastic boxes and containers online to discover the perfect sustainable upgrade for your business. Alternatively, contact us today to ask any questions or receive a quote on our products within 24hrs.