Understanding the benefits of plastic pallet boxes

The type of pallet box you use is pivotal when ensuring your products are safe and compliant with the requirements for shipping. There are many types of pallet boxes and knowing which to pick for your shipping strategy is essential. The right pallet can help with the following:

  • Ensuring cost-effectiveness
  • Reduce your impact on the environmental
  • Tracking your pallets for secure transportation
  • Ensure the safety of products
  • Help protect and keep secure products
  • Give you access to higher insurance levels.

The difference between which pallet box you should pick can be based on the information above and it’s good to understand this early in your shipping strategy.

At Alison Handling we supply many plastic pallet boxes that will comply with all shipping regulations. Check out our Dolav Pallet Boxes and other heavy-duty pallet boxes. We have 100s of trade products made in the UK and available today, a pallet box supplier that won’t let you down. Collapsible pallet boxes help you save space and optimise your shipping. This range of pallet boxes is functional and practical and protects your goods. It will save you money in the long term while complying with shipping regulations. But how? We will further break down why plastic pallets are far superior to your traditional wooden pallet box.

Heavy Duty Pallet Boxes

The challenges of pallet shipping

Are you complying with the international regulations? 

You might not be complying or it might be costing you a fortune to do so. You could be saving yourself money, time and resources by swapping out to a plastic pallet box supplier and Alison Handling is the UK’s number one supplier of plastic storage boxes. Wooden pallet boxes are typically used when it comes to the transportation of goods or storage. However, they don’t stand the test of time like heavy-duty pallet boxes or Dolav pallet boxes do. Dolav are known for their strength and durability, and since 1976 they have been the experts in material handling and storage. Additionally, they are known and supply many industries throughout the world which makes them perfectly placed to understand international shipping regulations.

If you are using wooden pallet boxes then you will want to continue reading and reconsider your international shipping strategy. Wooden pallet boxes need a lot of treatment to get them ready for international shipping purposes, which can cost time and money. Wooden pallets have to undergo heat treatment, which means they need to be fumigated as required by the ISPM-15. This organisation is the International Plant Protection Convention IPPC and their purpose is to prevent the spread of pests and diseases that could potentially be travelling in solid wooden materials. Under ISPM-15 wood packaging materials must be heated until the internal temperature is 56 degrees celsius or higher for 30 minutes.

Plastic pallet boxes are exempt from ISPM-15 regulations because of the materials they are made from and would not transport any pests or harmful diseases. Our heavy-duty pallet boxes are durable which makes them ideal for international shipping whilst complying with safety regulations. The long-term savings you could make as a business by avoiding the treatment process that wooden pallets have to undergo, will ultimately save you time and money. Switch to a heavy-duty pallet box and upgrade your international shipping.

How your wooden pallets are negatively impacting the environment

You might think that plastic pallets are far worse for the environment than wooden pallets. However, we are going to debunk that myth as plastic is highly durable and will stand up to more transport trips than wooden pallets. This means the reuse value of plastic pallet boxes is far greater than wooden and causes less of an impact on the environment.

Wooden pallets

Also, plastic pallet boxes can be recycled with less energy which makes it easier to repurpose heavy-duty plastic boxes after they have broken down from shipping trips. On the other hand, wooden pallets can not be recycled as easily and are not as durable in nature, this results in less durability and the number of transport trips they can stand up to is low. Wood is fragile and takes a higher amount of energy to recycle, a plastic alternative is a welcomed improvement for the environment. At a glance, these are the points as to why wooden pallets are not as reliable as plastic pallets for your shipping strategy:

  • Plastic pallets have the ability to nest and are lighter, saving you money in transportation costs.
  • Manufactured in one-piece heavy-duty pallet boxes are highly durable.
  • Plastic pallet boxes last up to 10 years more and are expected to last 250 trips whereas wooden pallets are expected to last 11 trips.
  • Plastic pallets are 100% recyclable at the end of their life.
  • Clean and hygienic.

Protecting your products by using plastic pallet boxes

Heavy-duty pallet boxes are perfect for safe shipping

Why should you upgrade your operations with a heavy-duty pallet box? Are Dolav pallet boxes the best option? They have been a reliable pallet box supplier for many years and do so for many industries. Well-known for their long service life in harsh shipping conditions and toughness against varying temperatures, they are able to withstand extreme heat but also not disintegrate under cold temperatures.

They are lightweight and easy-to-handle which makes them suitable for the transportation of your goods over long journeys, at a minimal cost. One-piece moulded pallet boxes are the sturdiest and will not break down as quickly. Our heavy-duty pallet boxes are collapsible and have a three skid/runner on their base that is made from one piece of plastic, which allows for easier emptying when containing heavy loads. Heavy commodities such as meats or fish are often used due to the demanding conditions they put a pallet box under. Cold temperatures and heavy loads could make emptying difficult, but we supply pallet boxes that don’t struggle.

Stackability is a feature that shouldn’t be overlooked as this helps secure products safely when shipping. Dolav pallet boxes have the ability to stack 6 high with a max load of 5000 kg. On top of this, the interlocking plugs enable them to join together and make the shipping process as streamlined as possible. This logistical upgrade could be what your business is looking for when it comes to streamlining your operations.

Shipping and Logistics

Which industry would a heavy-duty pallet box be ideal for? 

You might be wondering which industries a heavy-duty pallet box is suitable for. 

You’ll find a heavy-duty pallet box is used for shipping large quantities due to its robust, durable and solid sides. Dolav are especially great for storage and shipping due to being moulded in one-piece and made from highly durable materials that are market leading in innovation.

Our heavy-duty pallet boxes are largely used for shipping and storage which makes them perfect for waste and recycling, and agricultural purposes. They are impact resistant and will stand up against wear and tear from heavy objects being thrown at them. They are also chemical resistant which is important for waste and recycling as harsh chemicals will stain or tarnish other pallet boxes. You will find them optimised for storage due to their stacking method and anti-slip corners to ensure that any heavy loads are securely stacked. This protects your products in storage facilities from accidental damage when moving and avoids them falling when stacked upwards.

Waste and recycling is an industry that deposits harsh materials in a controlled and safe way. This industry will transport batteries, electrical appliances, metal parts, glass fragments, food waste, recycled materials and dangerous goods that can be highly hazardous. Our heavy-duty pallet boxes comply with the most stringent UN certificates for the transport of hazardous materials, including low-radiation materials. The impact of these materials can take its toll on regular plastic pallet boxes, but we supply pallet boxes that are impact-resistant and will hold up against even the most dangerous materials.

We are pallet box suppliers that offer a range of sizes and colours which helps the agriculture industry vastly. While farming produce and carrying varying types of fruit and vegetables, the food can be exposed to the elements. Our heavy-duty pallet boxes are UV resistant to the sun and will protect the contents from extremely cold temperatures too. This makes sure your produce stays fresh for consumers and arrives to them in the best condition possible. 

Follow Dolav’s dedicated Agriculture page for more information

The role of pallet boxes in shipping is understood to be essential and we are pallet box suppliers to over 100s of UK trades to make their transportation and storage of goods safe, secure and damage-free. Our pallet boxes are your heavy-duty response to this demanding task. Equally, your sustainable response to the environment. 

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