Learning environments are highly active places that can quickly get out of control, with many students and staff attending every weekday. A disorganised environment will make every action more challenging as essential equipment becomes impossible to find. Additionally, increased amounts of mess will increase the risk of breaching health and safety regarding the safety of your students.

Few environments need appropriate organisation more than workplace and education facilities; read on to discover our tips to create a safe, organised, and productive learning environment.

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The Importance of an Organised Study Space?

There are many benefits to maintaining an organised classroom environment with a practical selection of storage ideas.

Improved Health and Safety

Firstly, you can significantly reduce the chance of accidents such as slips, trips and falls by establishing a location for every item. Regardless of the student’s age, loose items scattered about will be hazards that can be easily avoided when storage solutions are provided. Additionally, specific hazardous items such as cleaning supplies, glues or chemicals must be stored securely to ensure only staff can access them.

Improved Lesson Efficiency

Storage isn’t just about finding a place for everything that will have only a limited benefit. You should build an organised storage space to suit your needs for a genuinely effective solution. Time management and efficient learning are both greatly improved when studying in an organised environment. A clear system will make finding the equipment you need at the right time quick and efficient, leaving more time for valuable studies.

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Locker Storage

Lockers are fantastic for creating equipment supply storage ideas and establishing an organised environment for both workplaces and education environments. Metal lockers are widely employed in schools, colleges and workplaces in general due to the material's durability and the designs' versatility. Cube storage lockers are a popular choice as the individual compartments can be assigned to either specific equipment or a single student to identify the contents easily. This style of locker is modular, and you can choose between five small compartments to a single large space depending on the purpose of the storage.

When you need to keep hazardous materials stored securely, such as cleaning chemicals, you need a solution that meets the required regulations for health and safety. COSHH cabinets are often chosen as they are designed to meet the necessary regulations to keep the stored substances away from unauthorised students. We supply made-to-order COSHH steel cabinets that meet the exacting safety standards and regulations required to make them a reliable storage choice for hazardous materials. In addition, we ensure that ours are made from highly resistant materials such as steel that will withstand contact with spilt chemicals or even acids and prevent them from leaking out of the cabinet, perfect for keeping your students and staff safe.

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Coloured Organisation

The universal language of colour coding can be employed successfully in any environment and easily adopted by users. Using colour to organise your storage is a proven technique to make finding what you need efficient. Colour-coded storage, such as locker-coloured panel doors or coloured plastic-lidded boxes, becomes a memory aid for staff and students and can be customised to your specific needs. For example, using one colour to label all math materials and another for science materials can help students quickly find the needed materials. Additionally, colours help improve accessibility amongst your students. For example, choosing high-contrast colours helps visually impaired people distinguish the differences easier.

We supply a broad range of stackable storage boxes with or without lids that can be used to store the required equipment or other items. They can be purchased in a range of colours so you can take advantage of the previously mentioned benefits, but they also have the beneficial side effect of helping you maintain a bright and cheerful study environment designed to be stimulating for your students.

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Reliable Plastic Shelving

Regardless of your storage and organisation, you will need a place to store it. That’s where durable, child-safe shelving comes in. We pride ourselves on a broad range of plastic shelving units specifically designed to fulfil a specific role excellently. Whether you need a double bay rack for your classroom equipment storage or a euro container trolley for your kitchen storage, we are confident we have what you need.

Our plastic shelving is antimicrobial, which protects it from stains and odour-causing bacteria and prevents mould from forming, something that metal and wooden shelving can only achieve with epoxy coatings that will need reapplying as they flake over time. Plastic storage shelves and plastic pallets are available from Alison Handling in both standard and bespoke configurations. In addition, due to their adaptability to your specific stock size, our variable H Frames can provide additional options.

Plastic Storage Solutions for Education

Alison Handling is one of the UK’s Largest independent stockists of high-quality storage solutions for various businesses, including plastic boxes with lids for educational facilities. Our broad range is reliable, child-safe and eco-friendly due to the high-quality recycled box materials we use.

Our locker range is not only chosen for education environments such as nurseries, schools and colleges, but their versatility makes them an excellent choice for many other workplaces, from commercial businesses to industrial facilities.

Discover how you could improve your current storage system online today, or download our full catalogue to learn about each item in detail. If you’re unsure what you think would help, contact us directly, and one of our experienced team members will be happy to help.