At Alison Handling, we constantly work to remain the UK’s largest independent stockist of new plastic storage solutions. One of the more effective approaches to achieving this goal is exhibiting at prestigious events such as RWM.

What Is RWM?

RWM (resource and waste management) is a collective of UK-based organisations and events related to the future of resource use and improving waste management. Some of the organisations involved are the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management, the Environmental Services Association and Letsrecycle. This collaboration culminates in a sure to be memorable two days on the 14th and 15th of September at the Birmingham NEC, at which Alison Handling is proud to be one of the exhibitors. If you're planning to attend, you’ll find our expert team at stand R-K110

The RWM serves as an excellent source of inspiration for many businesses in their goals to become more environmentally friendly and promotes new ecologically sound ways of using natural resources. This is particularly important to us as we pride ourselves on supplying the finest selection of recyclable plastic storage boxes from recycled sources to all our customers.

Why Exhibitions Benefit Customers and Businesses

As this event is an international hub of events related to the pressing issue of recycling and waste management, there are many benefits for both buyers and sellers to attend this event. Many businesses use events like this as an effective sales platform that streamlines the desire to find the right clients and promote yourself to a broader audience. It is also an excellent way to meet key decision makers, make new contacts and develop your business contacts and brand.

What to Expect From Alison Handling

Exhibitions such as this are a fantastic opportunity to meet with existing and potential new clients face to face. Over the past few years, we have all had to adjust to shifting our business communications to internet-based solutions such as video calls. But now, we are excited to be able to return to meeting our valued clients face to face again. Clients and businesses feel more relaxed when they can ask questions and avoid any potential misunderstandings from an email.

Exhibitions are a chance not only to increase awareness of our range of products to customers, but they offer an opportunity for our company to engage with other exhibitors within our sector or at various stages along the supply chains we are connected to. Additionally, events like this are great places to announce new ideas, products or services and gauge responses to them. Finally, by learning more about our customer base and our competition, we can make vital decisions on the future growth of our brand.

One of the ways we have built our company up as the largest independent stockist of plastic storage solutions in the UK is by ensuring the growth of our brand awareness. Alison Handling was recently accredited as a member of the Good Business Charter, and our teams are proud to continue promoting our excellence when exhibiting at events such as these, as we have total faith the in the quality of our versatile products.

If you’d like to meet our expert team in person at the RWM, you can find us at stand R-K110, you can request a special appointment through the RWM website or contact us directly. You can also hear of other events we’ll be attending through our Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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