The new A-Link Dolly is a rack to shelf solution, cutting the need for cage trolleys, and inefficient storage systems. It will potentially cut staff handling times between the warehouse and the store by approx. 46%.

Glenn Broomfield, managing director of Alison Handling said: “Up until now there hasn’t been an interlinking dolly system designed with all these key features to accommodate these types of storage boxes, which means products are usually stacked inefficiently into a caged trolley to transport from the warehouse into the store. This method is more labour intensive and means that less product can be moved in one go.”

The A-Link Dolly has been over a year in development and testing and represents a major R&D investment for Alison Handling. The system is a unique wheeled dolly, designed to accommodate all types of plastic storage boxes, tote boxes, stack-nest crates, with a feature on the trolley to create location points for castors for safe stacking of the dollies when in storage or returned to store.

In addition to its flexibility, in terms of what can be placed on the dolly, it is also completely flexible in how it can be used. It has a unique feature where it can be interlocked on all four sides with no moving parts, along with the ability to connect dollies to each other in either a portrait and/or landscape shape, giving the operative the opportunity to create a dolly train or a customised formation. This means the dolly is completely flexible, so you can stack boxes at a safe height to transport larger amounts of product from the warehouse to the shelf.

Other features include a removable handle allowing the dolly to be pushed or pulled in either direction, the handle can also be easily removed if when stacked with product, enabling further space saving opportunities during transportation. A recess in the base enabling a label and RFI tag to be applied and a central cavity within the Dolly is there to allow easier access and cleaning. The product is also manufactured from high density Polyethylene to meet hygiene criteria for food handling, the dolly base is fully recyclable and compact for easy storage.

Alison Dearden, commercial director of Alison Handling added: “The A-Link Dolly will potentially revolutionise transportation in warehouse, logistics and stores across all sectors with a need for transporting goods. The fact that the trolley can accommodate all types of storage boxes means that it can be stacked safely up to an agreed safe height and the Dolly has the capacity to take a weight of up to 250Kg, making it exceptionally robust for our customers, enabling more product to be moved in one go. Added to that, with the ability to lock trolleys together on either the short side or long side, means even larger amounts can be moved easily and safely, saving on both labour costs and time.”

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The overall dimensions of the Dolly have been considered to ensure it is compact for transport and storage.

Structural Strength

Kiss off points through the underside of the moulding create structural rigidity increasing the strength of the blow moulded Dolly. Made from high density Polyethylene.

Accessibility & cleaning

A central cavity within the Dolly allows easier access and cleaning.

Removable lightweight handle

The handle can be located in four positions on the front and side of the Dolly.

Label Feature

A label recess has been moulded into the base enabling a label to be applied.

RFID Tagging

A recess has been moulded into the base enabling an RFI Tag to be applied.

Interlocking lightweight handle

The blow moulded dolly has been designed to accommodate the handle moulding supplied. The handle interlocks by hooking underneath the Dolly, allowing the Dolly to be pushed or pulled easily in either direction.

Interlocking Features

Interlocking features designed on the side of the dolly allow the dolly mouldings to interlock with each other in either a portrait or landscape train or formation to suit the customer requirements. Numerous dollies can be connected to each other and pushed via the handle.


The Dolly has been designed with consideration for stacking, Features on the top of the dolly create location points for the castors to sit on. This enables the dolly to be safely stacked up to a safely agreed height.

Weight Load

The Dolly can safety transport up to 250 Kg

Dolly/Container Bundles

The Dolly is ideal for use with any 600 x 400m and 400 x 300mm Containers

Additional Options

  • Dolly Handles
  • Embossed Company Branding
  • Alternative Castor Materials
  • Braking/Swivel Castors
  • Range of Colours available (minimum order quantities apply)