Evidence you collect needs to be kept safe and intact for proof of an event or incidence should it appear in court or require further action. Management of this is crucial, it will need to remain in an original condition where possible, be unaffected by environment and remain unaltered. Efficient processes may include warehousing, inventory control and a chain of administrative processes which will be in place until the end of its obligatory lifetime. 

While large items can be placed in a range of standard storage boxes, smaller items may prove a little more of a challenge. Storing small objects in a standard size crate will mean you’re storing air and taking up valuable space. Our NT2166 storage crate measures 300x200x130mm giving plenty of space for small objects and can be safely stacked when full. Each crate is fitted with interlocking hinged lids and two tamper proof security holes designed to work with clips and ties. You can increase your level of identity with sequential numbers security clips or ID labeling.  

Investing in reusable crates will save you money over time as the strong plastic design enables hygienic washing, so once the crate has been used it can be washed before storing the next piece of evidence. This saving on spending money each time to purchase single use boxes and generating unnecessary waste. To find out more about crate washing click here