It happens every year, we know when to expect it, 25th December. So why does it still come as a surprise? Demand on your warehouse and equipment will be at its peak, but there is time and planning can give a helping hand to those frantic festive peaks. Make sure you forecast before you run out. 

Things to consider:

  • Do you have enough storage equipment for your Christmas stock levels?
  • What are you transporting stock in from DC to warehouse to store or mailroom?
  • Are you transporting food or other retail items?
  • When are your stock levels due to rise from?
  • Are you operating an automated line or hand picking?

Why should you use returnable packaging this Christmas:

  • Added security with clips available for attached lidded containers and roll cages with full security characteristics preventing people accessing your goods. This is especially beneficial when moving and storing high value goods, the last thing you want are these products getting into the wrong hands during deliveries. 
  • Plastic packaging is consistent in size, shape and weight giving a big tick to health and safety with their inter-nest and stack features and safe handling with hand slots on the crates. They’ll also work like a dream on your automated lines. 
  • Label holders provide identification with ease of replacing when you fill with something else. 
  • You won’t waste products from cardboard boxes crushing and damaging your goods because of the strength and durability of returnable packaging.
  • Colour code sections/ departments with plastic crates in an array of colour options.
  • Preventing waste to landfill and spending time making sure you have correctly recycled all that cardboard!

Plastic crates, whether lidded totes or open stacking boxes are a favourite of the retailers and online merchandisers which is why we hold stocks of so many options, along with roll cages and dollys to help you move the crates around your floor space. New hygienic food options are available for food users and there’s the recycled and used options if you require. If you manage your own pool of equipment and want to invest so you’ve got the equipment on site all year round we offer next day delivery across the UK so you don’t have to go without. It becomes a busy season for us as suppliers so be sure to plan in your delivery and purchases so you don’t miss out on stock. Alternatively if you would rather rent to top up your pool with equipment as and when you need it you can do so from PPS (***insert link***) just let them know what, where and when you need it. They have a range of crates available with volumes from 35- 165 litres, plastic pallets, bulk bins and handling equipment, and when you’re finished with them return for dehire.

We’re here to help, so if you’re unsure of when to schedule your orders or what piece of kit you need call us on 01772 687 940.