Plastic Bins and Tubs

Alison handling holds in stock a range of new and used plastic tubs and plastic bins to suit most applications. Polyethylene, cylindrical tubs and bins come in a variety of colours and capacities and conveniently nest when empty to save space. Ideal for food storage, they are widely used by food manufacturers, bakeries, meat processing, abattoirs, horticulture and farming and are also widespread in the chemical, engineering, recycling and waste management industries. Hygienic plastic dollies are available for the safe movement of most plastic bins.

Our plastic storage tubs & bins come in different sizes and also a range of colours so you can colour-code your produce.

If you do not find a plastic storage tub that meets your requirements, please contact us. You might also be interested in our parts bins and plastic racking.

Plastic Bins and Tubs Categories

  • Tapered Storage Bins

    Tapered Storage Bins

    Alison handling holds in stock a range of new and used plastic tapered storage bins. Our range of 20 litre[...]

  • Plastic Sundries

    Plastic Sundries

    Alison Handling supply a range of useful sundry products including plastic scoops, Paxton fat boxes, Paxton churns and free standing[...]

  • Stackable Storage Bins

    Stackable Storage Bins

    Alison holds in stock a range of inter stacking storage bins in a variety of colours and capacities. This range of[...]

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  1. HRDOL plastic dolly for stacking bins
    Interstacking Bin Dolly (Blue) 432 x 432 x 184 mm
  2. 20 Litre Inter-Stacking Bin - 430x185mm
    Stacking Bin (14 Litre)
  3. 35 Litre Inter-Stacking Bin - 435x315mm
    Stacking Bin (29 Litre)
  4. 46 Litre Inter-Stacking Bin - 435x420mm
    Stacking Bin (40 Litre)
  5. 70 Litre Inter-Stacking Bin - 435x650mm
    Stacking Bin (65 Litre)
  6. 45 Litre Tapered bin  Size: 480mm Dia x 510mm deep
    Tapered Bin (45 Litre, Red)
  7. 110 Litre Tapered bin Size: 570mm Dia x 680mm deep
    Tapered Bin (110 Litre, Blue)
  8. Paxton DHT2 Plastic Sink
    Paxton Lidded Sink Plus (227L, Blue)
  9. HN838 Fat Box Size: 483 x 381 x 267
    Paxton Fat box (29L, White)
  10. 20 Litre Tapered bin  Size: 350mm Dia x 390mm deep
    Tapered Bin (20 Litre, Red)
  11. 65 Litre Tapered Bin - 510x590mm
    Tapered Bin (65 Litre)
  12. Paxton Plastic Bin (68L, White)
    Paxton Plastic Bin (68L, White)
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