Mobile Ingredient Bins

Alison Handling stocks a range of durable, mobile and food-safe mobile ingredient storage bins perfect for meat processing, baking, pharmaceutical production and other organic manufacturing industries.

We provide standard and premium delivery options and collection from our facility for our entire range listed below. 

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  1. Ingredient Mobile Bin (Green) 580 x 525 x 730 mm
    Ingredient Mobile Bin (Green) 580 x 525 x 730 mm
  2. Ingredient Mobile Bin (Red) 580 x 380 x 730 mm
    Ingredient Mobile Bin (Red) 580 x 380 x 730 mm
  3. Ingredient Mobile Bin (Blue) 580 x 295 x 730mm
    Ingredient Mobile Bin (Blue) 580 x 295 x 730mm
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Food Safe Mobile Ingredient Storage Bins

Ingredient mobiles are wheeled storage bins designed to store ingredients underneath work tables but remain readily available when needed. Plastic ingredient bins have removable lids for washing and filling and a clear polycarbonate front access flap to dispense the product hygienically. Stainless steel access flaps for ingredient mobiles are also available upon request.

Our high-quality plastic ingredient storage bins are moulded in food-grade MD (medium density) Polythene and supported on four 75mm diameter nylon swivel castors.

Colour-Coded Ingredient Storage

Ingredient mobiles are often colour-coded in manufacturing facilities to help improve safety and efficiency in handling and transporting raw materials and finished products. The use of colour coding provides a simple and effective way to visually identify different ingredients and ensure that they are being handled and stored correctly. We supply a range of plastic ingredient mobiles in a selection of colours.

Another use of colour coding is differentiating between clean and dirty equipment or surfaces. For example, white bins might be used for clean equipment, while black containers might be used for dirty equipment that needs to be cleaned. This helps prevent the spread of bacteria and other contaminants, reducing the risk of foodborne illness and improving the overall hygiene and safety of the facility.

Mobile Ingredient Bins from Alison Handling

Mobile ingredient bins reduce waste and save money for businesses. By providing a secure and organised storage solution, these bins ensure materials won’t spoil or become contaminated, which would result in costly product recalls and waste. They also help reduce the need for excess packaging and materials handling equipment, significantly saving time and expenses.

These mobile options are just one part of our extensive range of ingredient storage solutions, including ingredient dispensers and ingredient racks. If you do not find a plastic ingredient mobile that meets your specific requirements, please contact us, and one of our helpful team members will find the right solution for your needs.

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