Ingredients Racks & Troughs

Alison Handling also offers a range of metal racks and troughs in varied specifications and designs to provide the perfect storage for any business's needs.

These heavy-duty ingredient troughs and racks provide mobile and static solutions made from durable plastic and mild or stainless steel. These are commonly used in food processing, pharmaceutical production, agriculture and other manufacturing industries.

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  1. ST1058 Trough
    Static Trough 980 x 580 x 860 mm
  2. AH6338 6 Box Rack
    6 Box Rack (AH6338)
  3. AHX338 - Roto Box
    3 Box Rack (AH3338)
  4. ST1060 Trough
    Static Trough (145L) 980 x 580 x 860 mm
  5. ST1059 Trough
    Mobile Trough (145L) 980 x 580 x 860 mm
  6. ST1061 Mobile Trough
    Mobile Trough 1160 x 690 x 820 mm
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Ingredient Racks for Businesses

Ingredient racks have many benefits for businesses that need organised storage that is easily accessible and mobile. Our high-quality ingredient racks reduce labour costs by minimising the need for manual handling and transportation of equipment or materials and significantly reducing the time needed.

One of the main benefits of this ingredient storage solution is that they optimise space and improve organisation within a facility, allowing for more efficient and streamlined operations. These reliable racks displayed below are designed to hold and transport ingredients, small equipment, or other loose materials, allowing workers to easily access and move large collections of 3 or 6 storage boxes simultaneously throughout your facility on stainless steel rolling racks.

Ingredient Troughs for Manufacturing

Ingredient troughs provide numerous benefits for manufacturing businesses, particularly those involved in food processing or other industries that require the safe and efficient handling of raw materials and finished products. These troughs are designed to hold and transport large amounts of ingredients, equipment, or other materials, allowing workers to easily access and move these items throughout a facility.

High-Grade Ingredient Racks & Troughs Supplier

Using ingredient racks and troughs helps businesses improve productivity, quality, and safety while reducing costs and waste. You can collect the products below from our facility or deliver them with our standard or premium options. For more mobile organisation, you should browse our mobile ingredient bins, or we stock smaller static ingredient dispensers perfect for organising a highly diverse range of materials.

If you do not find a solution that meets your specific requirements, please contact us, and we will find the perfect solution you need.  

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