Plastic Container Trucks

Great for collecting large quantities of goods while remaining light and mobile, plastic container trucks prove useful in all manner of waste scenarios, whether that’s collecting empty beer bottles in a small bar or running products around a large waste management facility. Our mobile container trucks are made from polyethylene to ensure that they’re both robust and easy to clean.

We have various different plastic storage trucks available including bar trucks, recycled trucks, tapered trucks, Paxton mobiles & more. Our recycled trucks are ideal for applications which are non... See More

-food related as they are not manufactured in food grade materials but they offer a cost-effective solution for companies outside of the food industry. We do offer hygienic plastic container trucks which are moulded in food grade polythene for companies within the catering and food manufacturing industries.

Most of our mobile container trucks can nest so it saves you valuable storage space. If you’re looking for plastic storage trucks with lids, we have drop on lids available to order, simply let us know what you need.

Available in a variety of different sizes and colours, our plastic storage trucks can help you quickly sort goods with colour-coding. They’re ideal for a wide range of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, laundries, recycling and waste management. Browse our range below, or easily manoeuvre your existing boxes with our plastic dollies.

Plastic Container Trucks Categories

  • Bar Trucks

    Bar Trucks

    Alison Handling holds in stock new and used bar trucks. Although originally designed for bottle collection in pubs, plastic bar[...]

  • Container Truck

    Container Truck

    Alison handling's range of Container trucks in three popular size's. The trolley  is manufactured from powder coated steel fitted with 200mm[...]

  • Paxton Mobiles

    Paxton Mobiles

    Alison Handling has a range of Paxton Mobiles to suit most applications. Paxton Mobiles are the original wheeled plastic skips, initially designed[...]

  • Plastic Tapered Trucks

    Plastic Tapered Trucks

    Alison Handling's range of wheeled, plastic, tapered trucks are made to order in a wide selection of colours and sizes.[...]

  • Recycled Plastic Trucks

    Recycled Plastic Trucks

    Alison Handling holds in stock a range of new and used environmentally friendly recycled plastic trucks with wheels. Recycled plastic[...]

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  1. 135 Litre Bar truck  Size: 650 x 460 x 660mm
    Bar Truck (135L) 650 x 460 x 660mm
  2. 150 Litre Bar truck Size: 660 x 500 x 750mm
    Bar Truck (150L) 615 x 455 x 750mm
  3. 165 Litre Bar truck  Size: 820 x 555 x 620mm
    Bar Truck (165L) 820 x 555 x 620mm
  4. 165 Litre Bar truck  Size: 970 x 380 x 620mm
    Bar Truck (165L) 970 x 380 x 620 mm
  5. 185 Litre Bar truck  Size: 670 x 615 x 620mm
    Bar Truck (185L) 670 x 615 x 620 mm
  6. 370 Litre Container Truck - 1040x730x845mm
    Container Truck (370L) 1040 x 730 x 845 mm
  7.  100 Litre Plastic Mobile Size: 584 x 450 x 685mm
    Paxton Mobile (100L) 584 x 450 x 685
  8. 300 Litre Plastic Mobile Size: 990 x 686 x 762mm
    Paxton Mobile (305L) 990 x 686 x 762
  9. 145 Litre Plastic Mobile Size: 800 x 450 x 685mm
    Paxton Mobile Truck (145L) 800 x 450 x 685
  10. 118 Litre Plastic mobile  Size: 460 x 460 x 760mm
    Plastic Tapered Truck (118L) 465 x 465 x 770mm
  11. 135 Litre Plastic mobile Size: 615x 525 x 690mm
    Plastic Tapered Truck (135L) 615 x 525 x 685mm
  12. 200 Litre Plastic mobile  Size: 830 x 455 x 760mm
    Plastic Tapered Truck (200L) 830x 455 x 760mm
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