Temperature resistant storage: How plastic boxes preserve freshness in bakeries and confectioneries

We at Alison Handling supply many different sectors with the best plastic storage solutions for their specific needs. When it comes to catering and confectioneries, the ability for the plastic containers to be temperature resistant is a very important aspect, to ensure no damage occurs to the food in the containers.

What is temperature-resistant storage?

Temperature-resistant storage refers to the ability of a material or container to withstand various temperature conditions without being damaged, or compromising the integrity of the stored items. This is highly important when you are handling and storing sensitive foods such as baked goods or confectioneries, as they require specific temperatures to bake and then be stored after to not spoil early.

It makes sure that a storage unit or material can endure extreme temperatures, whether high or low, without causing any structural changes, degradation, or harm to the items stored within it. This makes sure food is safe for consumption and a hygienic process has been maintained from the beginning to the end of a transportation journey.

Temperature-resistant storage is also used to great effect in other industries too. They are fit for purpose and can help sensitive products such as electronics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Extreme heat or cold can damage these products so the containers must be engineered to maintain a stable internal environment despite fluctuations in temperature from the external environment.

It is crucial for maintaining food quality, safety and freshness throughout the supply chain as it is common for food to perish during transportation and cause food poisoning. It is highly important that imported food is treated and stored in the correct plastic containers to make sure that the food is safe for consumption.

freshly baked bread in plastic storage boxes

Key aspects of temperature-resistant plastic containers

  1. Refrigeration and freezing: This is very common when it comes to the safe transportation of baked goods, as this will stop bacteria growth and make sure they do not spoil in a few days. Freshness is very important to the quality of baked goods and we recommend that you use our bakery food storage containers to make sure your food items are protected throughout the distribution process. They will stack securely on a pallet box for ease of transportation and make sure bulky orders are received intact.
  2. Insulation: The heat exchange from external environments is the main factor when it comes to changes in the internal temperature. Our confectionery boxes are insulated to make sure the internal temperature stays consistent throughout a transportation journey. This maximises the freshness of goods and ensures that plastic boxes are being used effectively.
  3. Temperature-sensitive labels: Tried and trusted confectionery boxes and other plastic boxes can still be susceptible to changes in temperatures and could have been exposed to irregular temperatures. Labels help to identify when food has been spoiled in transit. This feature is ideal for understanding the freshness of your goods without the risk of contamination being spread to the consumer. Food quality typically goes unnoticed during the transportation process but these labels help identify which confectionery boxes have been contaminated.
  4. Long-term storage: Despite certain bakery and confectionery items being highly perishable and only able to be stored for a short period of time, you can preserve their freshness by freezing them instantly, which locks in the flavour and nutrients. This can also be useful for transportation, quantity control and other requirements. Additionally, bakery food storage containers can make sure that there is no chemical leaching from plastic to fresh produce, which helps preserve freshness.

What storage containers do we offer at Alison Handling?

We supply a wide range of confectionery boxes to support the needs of your business. We will make sure that your bakery food and confectionery items are stored in the correct containers.

Plastic Stack and Nest Containers

These containers are moulded in food-grade polypropylene and will stack on reinforced nylon bale arms, saving you valuable storage as they nest 67% when empty. The perforated sides are ideal for bakery foods as this allows for maximum air circulation around fresh produce. This facilitates better gas exchange and prevents the build-up of ethylene, as it will regulate the humidity to reduce condensation on baked goods. This adequate airflow allows for moisture control due to its perforated sides and extends the shelf life of fresh goods. The walls give added protection to bakery items to make sure soft food isn't damaged in transportation or storage.

plastic stack and nest containers

Stacking Bin

A heavy-duty inter-stacking bin moulded in food-grade MD Polythene. This is a great plastic bin solution to hold your ingredients without the worry of them being cross-contaminated. They come in 14, 29, 40 and 65 litre sizes and varying colours for organisational purposes. These bins help preserve the freshness of ingredients to make sure your bakery is producing the freshest baked goods possible.

Paxton Plastic Bins

The original Paxton heavy-duty boning bin is moulded in food-grade LD Polythene and is fitted with two galvanised handles for ease of handling. This product enables the safe transportation of bulky food items without compromising on freshness, as they will maintain proper ventilation for fresh produce. Paxton plastic bins are made to meet food safety standards and are easy to clean and sanitise which is a crucial specification of maintaining hygiene standards and ensuring no contamination in the food supply chain.

Food Stacking Boxes

These are multi-purpose and versatile containers that are moulded in food-grade HDPE with handles on the short sides. These containers have smooth internal and external surfaces for easy cleaning and prevent any bacteria growth during the storage process. Food stacking boxes are odour resistant which means there will not be any odour leaching from previous food on your fresh goods. This helps preserve freshness and keep the quality high despite being used multiple times. These durable materials will help you keep your business sustainable and the quality of your products to an impeccable standard.

plastic bread baskets

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