Plastic Stacking Trays & Baskets

Our confectionery trays have been primarily designed to carry confectionery and food items, meaning they’re all food-quality assured, but don’t let that fool you: they can also be used for a wider range of transport operations.

These food storage trays are extremely popular with our customers who work in bakeries, food manufacturing, commercial kitchens, butchers and more. The stackable feature of our food storage trays means that you can save precious space, we also offer colour-coded food trays so it’s easy to identify which type of product is in which tray.

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stic trays are durable and adaptable enough to be used in a number of different industries that include food manufacturing, retail and produce. They’re available in a range of colours and sizes in both solid and perforated varieties, so whatever your needs are, you can rest assured that you’ll find a set of confectionery trays to meet them here. For something larger but still easily manoeuvrable, see our selection of plastic trucks. 

You can request a quote for our industrial plastic trays, simply contact us or click the ‘request a quote’ button on our products.

Plastic Stacking Trays & Baskets Categories

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