Saeplast Insulated Container (705L, Blue) 1110 x 1110 x 890 mm

The Saeplast 705 litre purification tank:

  • Even water flow - handles up to 15,000 litres/hour
  • Economic to use - optimum oxygenation
  • Fully integrated waste separator
  • Built-in safety features - hygienic - EU compliant

Capable of accommodating up to 335 kg of mussels or 460 kg of clams, the tubs unique design ensures that an even flow of water is maintained around each mollusc, resulting in the perfect oxygenation of each individual mussel.

More Information
Product Code:SAE0705-20
External Dimensions:1110 x 1110 x 890 mm
Internal Dimensions:1010 x 1010 x 690 mm
Capacity:705 Litres
Suitable for food storage:Yes
Availability:In Stock

Saeplast insulated containers, renowned for their precision engineering, are a testament to the brand's commitment to quality in aquaculture solutions. The innovative design of the 705-litre purification tank extends beyond its size, featuring robust insulation that not only maintains water temperature but also promotes energy efficiency. Constructed from high-grade polyurethane (PUR), these containers offer exceptional durability, ensuring long-term resilience in challenging aquatic environments.


The Saeplast 705-litre tank, with its seamless integration of a waste separator, distinguishes itself as a pioneer in sustainable aquaculture practices. Its intricate balance of form and function is evident in the even water flow, catering to the unique needs of molluscs with meticulous attention to detail. The container's adaptability is further showcased in its suitability for food storage, emphasising its multifaceted utility.


Saeplast's commitment to excellence is reflected in the availability of the 705-litre tank. Currently in stock and ready to empower aquaculturists with a reliable, cutting-edge solution. 


A cautionary note emphasises that cheap imitations, lacking the same level of quality and lifespan, should be avoided. Warning: Cheap imitations are not the same product or quality as the Saeplast brand and have been shown to be inferior in quality and lifespan.

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