Lids for Plastic Storage Boxes & Containers

Alison Handling carries in stock a wide range of new and used plastic box & container lids for all the plastic boxes, containerstrays and skips we supply that are manufactured with lids. Storage solutions with lids include all the boxes in the lidded box section: Euro Stackers, voyager boxes and recycled plastic containers, along with many Linpac Allibert stacking boxes, recycled trucks, tapered bins, ingredient mobiles and ingredient dispensers.

Our plastic container lids come in a range of sizes and colours so they’re bound to meet your requirements.

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you require a lid for a specific plastic storage box or container you wish to purchase and cannot find it within the products listed, please contact us.

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  1. Drop-On Stacking Lid - 500 x 600mm
    Plastic Drop On Stacking Lid (Grey) 800 x 600mm
  2. Drop on stacking lids to suit 400 x 300mm boxes
    Plastic Box Lid 400 x 300mm
  3. Drop on stacking lid for 600 x 400 boxes
    Plastic Stacking Lid (Grey) 600 x 400mm
  4. LMT 14 Drop on Lid for Paxton MT14 Mobile
    Paxton Mobile Truck Lid for 584 x 450 x 685mm
  5. LMT 21 Drop on Lid for Paxton MT21 Mobile
    Paxton Mobile Truck Lid (White) for 800 x 450 x 685mm
  6. Plastic Lid for The Dolav Classic and Ace 1200 x 1000
    Dolav Plastic Lid 1200 x 1000mm
  7. Plastic lid for the classic dolav 1200 x 800
    Plastic Dolav Pallet Box Lid 1200 x 800mm
  8. Paxton Drop-On Lid - 995x690x35mm
    Paxton Mobile Truck Lid (White) 995 x 690 x 35 mm
  9. HR Lid for inter stacking bins
    Inter Stacking Bin Lid (Orange) 435mm
  10. Drop on Stacking lid for AHSN6400 range of boxes
    Plastic Stack Nest Box Lid (Blue) 600 x 400 mm
  11. Drop on lid to suit our AH16TR and AH26TR mobiles
    Plastic Mobile Truck Lid (Black) 470 x 470 x 50 mm
  12. Drop on lid for our AH30TR mobile
    Plastic Mobile Truck Lid (Purple) 630 x 540 x 50 mm
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