Plastic stack and nest containers are very versatile products for many industries and are used to great effect. At Alison Handling you can buy our plastic containers used, recycled or new depending on your industry's needs. Our new containers are perfect for food handling while our recycled and used containers are suitable for manufacturing, warehouse logistics and waste management. In this blog, we will discuss why you should consider using plastic stack and nest containers.

One of the primary advantages of stack and nest containers is their space-saving design. These containers are specifically engineered to maximise storage space both when in use and during downtime. When filled with goods, stack containers securely interlock, allowing for stable vertical stacking. 

Stack and nest containers provide benefits in various industries where efficient storage, transportation, and handling of goods are essential. Some of the industries that benefit the most from stack and nest containers include:

  1. Retail and Distribution: Stack and nest containers are commonly used in retail and distribution for storing and transporting goods. They are efficient at organising products in distribution centres and the stackability helps save storage space. Ideal for keeping costs low but keeping distribution operations as efficient as possible.
  2. Manufacturing and Production: Industries involved in manufacturing and production often use stack and nest containers for keeping raw materials, work-in-progress items, and finished products organised. These containers help streamline production processes and maintain a workspace that isn't obstructing or could cause potential damage to goods.
  3. Food and Beverage: Stack and nest containers are widely used in the food and beverage industry for storing and transporting ingredients, processed foods, and finished products efficiently and safely. The design includes food-grade materials that support food safety and hygiene, and this is only available from our new containers.
  4. Automotive: In the automotive industry, stack and nest bins are utilised for storing and transporting components, parts, and finished products around on wheels. They contribute to efficient inventory management and logistics within automotive manufacturing plants. They can handle parts fast and with ease due to open-top stack and nest capabilities.
  5. Agriculture: Stack and nest containers are used in agriculture for handling and transporting harvested crops, seeds, and other agricultural products that require a safe and hygienic container. They are beneficial for items in greenhouses and farm storage areas as they make it easy to organise and pick while keeping operations streamlined.

  1. Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare: The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries often use stack and nest bins for organising and transporting medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare products. The containers' stackability aids in optimising storage space but they have advantages with lids too, they will keep products secure and away from being damaged as items can be highly expensive.
  2. Fulfilment Centres: With the growth of e-commerce, fulfilment centres benefit from stack and nest containers for efficient storage and organisation of a wide range of products. These containers are often used in conjunction with automated systems for order fulfilment and make sure orders are fulfilled on time and undamaged. The durability of the stack and nest containers ensures machinery doesn't break the containers down over time, and makes a sustainable solution for many businesses.
  3. Waste Management and Recycling: Stack and nest bins are used in waste management and recycling industries for collecting and transporting recyclable materials. They are perfect at transporting hazardous materials such as batteries, waste and more. Their durability and stackability facilitate efficient transportation and won’t break down over time. It makes sure that hazardous items are contained securely and safely when it comes to handling and depositing. 

These industries benefit from stack and nest containers, bins and boxes the most due to their space-saving design, ease of handling, and adaptability to transport goods safely. The specific advantages may vary but fundamentally they all save you space in storage and optimise your organisation.

When empty, these containers can be nested inside one another, reducing the amount of space required for storage or return transport. This space efficiency not only contributes to cost savings but also enhances overall logistics and inventory management. Money can be saved in return transport and inventory checks can be easily monitored.

The versatility of stack and nest containers is a significant advantage, catering to diverse needs across various industries. With an array of sizes and shapes, these containers provide a customisable storage solution for different goods. Additionally, features such as ergonomic handles and label holders enhance their usability, further exemplifying their adaptability in the UK market. 

Stack and nest containers are highly durable and have a high reuse value due to the materials that they are made from, plastic or metal, which last against high impact, hazardous items and bacteria growth. This reduces the need for single-use packaging and minimises the amount of waste generated compared to disposable packaging. A sustainable and cost-effective way to push your business forward in 2024 and beyond is by showcasing your care for the environment and future generations. Stack and nest containers are a storage solution that will elevate your business. 

Their collapsible design optimises storage and allows for multiple reuse cycles, lowering the demand for new materials. Lightweight materials and durability further enhance their eco-friendly profile as the approach aligns with broader initiatives to enhance supply chain sustainability and reduce the ecological footprint associated with packaging and logistics.

We specialise in a wide array of new plastic storage solutions, including boxes, trays, skips, totes, pallets, and pallet boxes. Renowned for delivering the right products at the right prices promptly, our stocks are readily available and supported by exemplary customer service. 

We are committed to environmental responsibility as all our plastic storage solutions are fully recyclable, reflecting our dedication to sustainability. Our high-quality plastic storage boxes serve both industrial and domestic needs, offering options for commercial bulk storage, efficient space utilisation, small parts storage, and easy movement with plastic pallets and dollies. With a diverse range of colours and sizes, our versatile containers find applications in food and catering, horticulture, entertainment, hospitality, industry, manufacturing, retail, waste management and recycling, health care, and education, ensuring tailored solutions for a variety of industries.

A stack and nest container is a great addition to most industries but what features do they have that would help improve your chosen industry? Contact us at Alison Handling and we can help walk you through the benefits of upgrading to stack and nest containers.