What is a heavy duty dolly trolley?

You might be wondering what options are available when it comes to moving heavy loads with ease. You would be right in looking at trucks, dollies and other options with a wheel system. But what is the difference between each of them and why would you choose a heavy duty dolly trolley over them all? 

Warehouse equipment can help you improve your operation in many different ways and dollies can help keep your staff safe, productive and happy. Dollies and trucks are perfect for transporting goods from one location to another, even when the load exceeds the ability of the employee. Being efficient with your time and how much you can move in one trip can be the difference between a smooth operation, and a disjointed operation. What could be holding you back is the many accidents, complaints and pauses your business has to take. A dolly trolley will help avoid this and boost your productivity.

A heavy duty dolly trolley has four wheels with a stable base, and a platform with sides to hold containers on top in a secure position. An ideal build and design that can be used to transport heavy loads without any accidental damage to the products being moved. A unique and innovative product that is widely used in many industries, for these specific features. Your specific needs might require a large or small dolly trolley system, and unlike hand trucks; our heavy duty dolly trolleys can be customised to your needs. They have the ability to slide under loads, whereas a hand truck requires you to load it by hand, and can be a limiting factor.

Why should you use one in your workplace? You can efficiently move heavy loads around without putting demanding physical stress on your employees whilst also ensuring a secure transportation of goods that won't be damaged in the process.

alink dolly stacked up

Design and materials

A heavy duty dolly trolley system can be robust, secure and safe when it comes to handling your goods. At Alison Handling we stock a wide range of quality dollies that will improve your operations. Made from durable materials, the heavy duty dolly trolley has wheels that can provide excellent stability while moving heavy loads. They remain hygienic and can be used for food handling, such as cafeterias, kitchens and food warehouses.

Equally, an industrial heavy duty dolly trolley can be ideal for transporting your products from one place to another such as a production line. They will make the process simple and efficient without taking up too much space. We stock containers that will sit on top as a part of the flawless design, and make for many more storage solutions. We stock: plastic stacking trays, baskets, bunded pallets and spill trays.

Our range of heavy duty dolly trolleys

At Alison Handling we offer a wide range of dollies that suit any task and industry. You can select from a range of colours and sizes.

Alison Handling Dollies

These are a great choice for transporting any container and you can customise the size and colour to suit your industry's needs. They are made from recycled MD Polythene and come in either single or double stacking patterns to accommodate your choice of storage. Our recycled dollies come with an innovative uni-link feature.

A-Link Dolly

Recently we received a Certificate of Grant confirming the patent for our A-Link Dolly and securing this was a huge milestone. Our in-house team designed this innovative A-Link Dolly, and it has been uniquely developed to meet the needs of our valued customers. 

Moulded in HDPE and suitable for food storage, this model has the significant benefit of interlocking with another A-Link Dolly, on all four sides. A new and improved way to transport your products, while remaining discrete in storage. This dolly is industry leading… You can purchase a detachable handle for ease of handling, and reattach it quickly for the next task. Truly optimising your workplace and its flow.

Plastic Dollies

These are the classic heavy duty dolly trolleys and are the most cost effective solution. We offer various designs, including rectangle and round, with the choice of having a handle included too.

Alink dolly being moved

Why use one?

A dolly is traditionally a more mobile platform that doesn't come with handles attached. The main benefit is the ability to detach the handle and save space in storage. The A-link goes a step further by offering interlocking sides to keep your products safe and secure.

What are the other options out there?

Alternatively, there are other options on the market that can help you move your products around. Platform carts are the most similar but without detachable handling, they can be a bulky item for your warehouse. Folding carts are built for storage saving purposes but they do suffer from their inability to load heavy items because of their fragile state. Convertible hand trucks often get used when moving house and for commercial use, but require loading by hand. They come with additional side wheels to enable you to move boxes upstairs as you tilt back. 

It is important that you get the correct dolly system as it will change your productivity.

Creating a safe working environment

A heavy duty dolly trolley can hugely boost the productivity of your operations. No matter what industry you are in, you will see a benefit by swapping to a heavy duty dolly trolley. Due to their stable base you will typically see fewer accidents by staff and an improvement in their physical and mental health. This reduces sick days, lawsuits and accidental injury in the workplace, which can save you valuable time and money on labour costs. It will boost productivity as dollies require little to no supervision which will free up your team's time.

A heavy duty dolly trolley can help the average person to carry double the weight than by hand. The typical stress caused by demanding labour jobs now make this line of work more accessible to people when using dollies. It will create a working environment that isn't limited to physical ability.

Glassware, dishes, manufacturing parts and anything fragile will be protected in a heavy duty dolly trolley and container due to its robust materials. Additionally, the stable base can ensure fragile products are not damaged in transport as it won’t tilt over on its side. 

Dollies have the ability to store away with minimal intrusion on your workplace, and keep productivity levels high.

Increasing workplace productivity

Boost your productivity overnight by upgrading your operations with a heavy duty dolly trolley system. They have the ability to move heavy loads from A to B with minimal effort, saving your staff time, effort and stress, so they can focus on other or additional tasks. Less supervision will help keep your workplace streamlined and productive without wasting time. 

You will have the ability to unload goods without a high headcount, this reduces labour costs and time taken on tasks. The stable base is a simple and flawless design with an increased balance over its counterparts, making it the top choice for many industries.

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Our wide ranges of heavy duty dolly trolleys are fully customisable and unique to us, the a-link dolly is an innovative dolly that can interlock and save you plenty of time, money and resources.

The materials of our heavy duty dolly trolleys will withstand wear and tear. Pick from our wide range of trays that can be attached to your dolly with ease, they will make the transportation of your goods simple and easy.

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