Alison Handling Launches New A-Link Dolly

We are delighted to introduce our innovative new product –the A-Link Dolly. Designed to reduce the requirement for cage trolleys and less efficient storage systems, our A-Link Dolly features a specialist design that has spent over a year in development.

Alison Handling worked in tandem with major retailers during the product’s development stage, using our unrivalled industry experience to achieve an outstanding real-world warehousing solution.

Award-Winning Product Design

As a result of this project, Alison Handling was crowned winner of the Most Innovative Established Business Award at this year’s Venturefest North West Innovation Showcase competition.

Alison Handling was awarded with this honour following a rigorous entry process. This culminated in a pitch to an audience of over 1000 potential customers and investors, as well as a panel of esteemed industry experts.

Alison Dearden, our Commercial Director, lead the pitch:

“The daunting prospect of pitching to the audience was certainly worth the sleepless nights now we have been declared winners. We are delighted that the new Dolly solution has been recognised in this way, we firmly believe it provides an effective and efficient storage and transport solution for many sectors.

“With Black Friday looming, many warehouses and retailers will be over-stretched and additional pressure put on staff which inevitably leads to error and even breakage. By using the A-Link Dolly, businesses can address this issue as it can cut staff handling times between the warehouse and the store by approx. 46%, meaning huge savings on labour, whilst increasing efficiency and profitability.”

We are proud to have won this prestigious award and to offer our customers an innovative solution to common warehousing issues.

An Innovative Warehousing Solution

Glenn Broomfield is Managing Director of Alison Handling.Speaking of the A-Link Dolly, he says:

“Up until now there hasn’t been an interlinking dolly system designed with all these key features to accommodate these types of storage boxes, which means products are usually stacked inefficiently into a caged trolley to transport from the warehouse into the store.  This method is more labour intensive and means that less product can be moved in one go.”

By identifying and addressing these issues, our A-Link Dolly offers warehouse operatives the chance to expend less time and energy to achieve the same results.

We have invested over a year in the development and testing of this new product, ensuring it is perfect before introducing it to our range of handling equipment. The A-Link Dolly is designed to work with all types of plastic storage boxes and even features docking locations for castors, enabling easy and safe stacking when the dollies are not in use.

Alison Dearden adds:

“The A-Link Dolly will potentially revolutionise transportation in warehouse, logistics and stores across all sectors with a need for transporting goods. The fact that the trolley can accommodate all types of storage boxes means that it can be stacked safely up to an agreed safe height and the Dolly has the capacity to take a weight of up to 250kg, making it exceptionally robust for our customers,enabling more product to be moved in one go. Added to that, with the ability to lock trolleys together on either the short side or long side, means even larger amounts can be moved easily and safely, saving on both labour costs and time.”

Alison Handling’s A-link Dolly product is manufactured from high-density polyethylene. This material makes it compliant with all requisite hygiene standards for the safe handling of foodstuffs. Its intelligent design means this dolly can also be interlocked on 4 sides without the need for moving parts, providing a sturdy and reliable platform for the arrangement and transportation of goods.

As well as these specialist features, the A-Link Dolly has are movable handle, a recess in the base for labelling and RFI-tagging, and central cavities to facilitate easy cleaning. For more information, please visit our dedicated product page.

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