You may all wonder who the faces behind the name are, here's a chance to get to know some of our sales team a little better. 

 Chris how do you like to take your tea/ Coffee?
       Chris – Strong and sweet
Dan have you ever featured in the media?
       Dan - On Kerrang Tv, MTV and Kerrang magazine as part of a rock band
Strangest place visited?
       Ben - La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
       Tom - Went on a rugby tour round South America, Chile was a pretty strange place
       Dan - Blackpool…..
Ben what did you want to be at the age of 7?
        Ben- I wanted to race motorbikes
Tom what would you say favourite food is?
        Tom – It would have to be anything Mexican
Chris what was your first car?
       Chris – Morris Marina. Finest mode of transport there is.
Ben if you could meet anyone who would it be?
       Ben - Guy Martin
Has anyone got a good jokes?
       Dan- Did you hear about the Egyptian King found covered in chocolate and nuts? They called him Pharaoh Roche
What would your death row meal be?
        Tom- Nachos, Tacos plus Mountain Dew
        Ben- Steak and Chips
        Dan- An all you can eat buffet…. To pro long being alive!
        Chris- Pate on toast, surf and turf and Eton mess.
Funniest member of the team? And Why?
        Tom - Bens one liners are unbelievable, really shows his age.
        Dan- Glenn for being a moaning old grump
        Ben- Glenn – Has the weirdest sense of humour