Plastic Bread Trays & Baskets

At Alison Handling, we offer a range of high-quality plastic bread trays and baskets ideal for transporting, storing, and organising baked goods.

These products are made from moulded food-grade polypropylene, making them food-safe, hygienic, and easy to clean which is why they are a popular choice for both food manufacturers and retailers.

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  1. RB12 - 12 Loaf Purple Bread Basket
    12 Loaf Bread Basket (Purple) 762 x 508 x 216mm
  2. 41042 Tan Bread Basket Size: 750 x 450 x 165mm
    Stacking Container (Brown) 750 x 450 x 165mm
  3. 41042 White Bread Basket Size: 750 x 450 x 165mm
    Stacking Container (White) 750 x 450 x 165mm
  4. RB12 - 12 Loaf Grey Bread Basket
    12 Loaf Bread Basket (Grey) 762 x 508 x 216mm
  5. 15 Loaf Stack Nest Bread Basket - 788x617x190mm
    15 Loaf Bread Basket (Blue) 788 x 617 x 190mm
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Durable Bread Baskets

One of the main advantages of these plastic bread trays and baskets is their durability. They are specifically designed to transport baked goods, making them perfect for use in bakeries, supermarkets, and other food-handling facilities.

They are strong and sturdy, protecting your baked goods during transport. With their strong, raised edges, the plastic bread baskets are made to withstand the rigours of daily use, making them ideal for both short and long distances.

Efficiently Stored Plastic Bread Trays

Another great feature of these bread trays and baskets is their stacking ability. They can be stacked when full or empty, making them efficient and space-saving. This makes them ideal for small storage rooms or transport in small delivery vehicles. The stacking feature makes them perfect for bakeries or supermarkets with limited space.

The bread trays and baskets come in various colours, including blue, grey, purple, and white, allowing for easy colour coding, making identifying food types or storage areas simple. This colour coding feature is especially valuable in busy bakeries or supermarkets where efficiency and organisation are essential.

Businesses That Benefit from Plastic Bread Trays

Thanks to their durability, food-grade polypropylene and moulded ventilation holes, It’s not just bakeries that benefit from these storage choices. Although originally designed to distribute bread to shops and supermarkets, plastic bread trays are also widely used by textile manufacturers, horticulture, food manufacturers, abattoirs, farming, and the meat, confectionary, and printing industries.

Independent Plastic Bread Basket Supplier

We are the leading independent stockist of food-grade plastic storage in the UK. We offer a wide range of plastic bread trays and baskets perfect for storing and transporting baked goods. We provide standard and premium delivery options to accommodate different customer needs, and you can also collect from our facility.

If you have a requirement not met by our standard product offerings, please do not hesitate to contact our team, and we will work with you to find a customised solution. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have the right product for your specific needs.

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