Terms Of Use

To help you decide on the correct plastic box/container to suit your requirements, please find below an explanation of common terms:

Should you need any help our experienced sales team have many years of matching customer’s requirements to the correct container.


Are straight sided stacking containers designed to fit onto a standard euro pallet 1200 x 800 mm, although all but the largest 800 x 600 mm containers conveniently fit onto a standard 1200 x 1000 mm pallet. Euro stackers are available in both solid or perforated versions many in a range of colours.


Most of our new containers are manufactured in food grade materials making them suitable for direct contact with fresh or unwrapped food stuffs. The only exceptions are products manufactured in recycled or regenerated materials. Food conformity letters are available upon request for new products supplied by ourselves.


Our environmentally friendly range of containers manufactured from recycled or regenerated materials are strong and robust like those manufactured from virgin material but are not suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs.


Attached lidded containers are as their name suggests, containers with their lids attached, these containers nest when not in use and stack once the two halves of the lid have been placed into position. Alison’s attached Lidded Containers are amongst the most tamper evident on the market and can be sealed with plastic ties or rivets for extra security.


Stack nest containers are so named because the boxes stack securely when in use and nest inside each other when empty saving valuable storage space and return transport costs. Some containers can nest up to 76% when empty.

There are two main styles of Stack Nest containers:

Swing Bar:     These containers stack by placing plastic or metal stacking bars into position and nest when the bars have been moved out to the sides.

180* Stack Nest:     These containers stack by turning the top containers through 180* allowing the top basket to locate on the internal stacking pillars of the container below. By turning the top container back through 180* the containers will nest. Having no moving parts this type of stack Nest container is ideal for the food industry.


Perforated containers are ideal where the customer needs airflow around the product or to facilitate drainage. Some containers are available with solid bases and perforated sides, perforated sides and solid bases or fully perforated.


Our second hand or used containers are structurally sound and are generally in a relatively clean condition. Used containers can offer significant savings against new products.