Saeplast Container (605L, light yellow) 1200 x 1000 x 760 mm

The Saeplast 605 container is the UK's only PE foam filled super strong pallet box. Designed and proven to withstand the toughest of handling environments, the container has shown to reduce breakages, repairs and replacements ultimately saving companies vast sums of money. No other insulated container has been proven to last the test this long...The Saeplast 605 is also known as a Dolav, pallet box, battery box, battery bin and waste bin.

One Piece moulding for safe, secure tipping and handling

  • Improved hygiene due to smooth internal/external sides base
  • Completely smooth base sides for optimum hygiene, no ribs or honeycombe for bacteria to form!
  • Vastly reduced breakages vs. Single walled containers
  • PE insulated foam which bonds to the outer walls to give the highest impact strength
  • Non Pourous PE foam filled.
  • Printing and large logos available
  • Far greater return on investment vs. Single walled containers
  • Compatible with Dolav or Arca containers
  • Strongest plastic pallet box available
  • Also available to rent or part of a pooling solution.

Saeplast is the ONLY PROVEN container on the market and exclusively available only through GW Containers and Alison Handling. WARNING: Cheap imitations are not the same product or quality as the Saeplast brand and have shown to be inferior in quality and life span.

More Information
Product Code:SAE0605-ND-F25A
External Dimensions:1200 x 1000 x 760 mm
Internal Dimensions:1100 x 910 x 570 mm
Capacity:605 Litres
Suitable for food storage:Yes
Availability:In Stock

The Saeplast 605 has been meticulously engineered and tested to endure the most challenging handling environments. Its robust design has proven effective in reducing breakages, repairs, and replacements, resulting in substantial cost savings for companies. Over time, no other insulated container has demonstrated such remarkable longevity.


Crafted as a one-piece moulding, it ensures safe and secure tipping and handling. The container's enhanced hygiene features include smooth internal and external sides, offering a completely smooth base for optimal cleanliness—devoid of ribs or honeycomb structures that might foster bacterial growth. The significantly reduced breakages in comparison to single-walled containers attest to its durability.


The PE-insulated foam, seamlessly bonding to the outer walls, provides the highest impact strength. With a non-porous PE foam filling, the container offers improved hygiene standards. Additionally, the option for printing and large logos allows for customisation. The container is light yellow in colour, adding a distinctive visual element to its robust features.


Demonstrating a far superior return on investment compared to single-walled containers, it is compatible with Dolav or Arca containers, further expanding its versatility. Recognised as the strongest plastic pallet box available, the Saeplast 605 is offered for rent or as part of a pooling solution. 


Exclusive in the UK to GW Containers and Alison Handling, it stands as the only proven container on the market. A cautionary note is emphasised, warning against cheap imitations that lack the same level of product quality and lifespan as the authentic Saeplast brand.

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