Tapered Storage Bins

Alison handling holds in stock a range of new and used plastic tapered storage bins. Our range of 20 litre to 215 litre capacity bins are all moulded in food grade polyethylene to create a tough, durable yet lightweight unit which can withstand a range of temperatures. Cylindrical tapered bins, so called because of their wider at the top than the bottom shape which allows them to nest when empty, are available in a range of colours and lids and plastic dollies are available for the easy movement of most loaded tapered bin models.

These bins are common place in the food manufacturing... See More

, bakery, meat processing, abattoir, horticulture, farming, chemical, engineering, recycling and waste management industries.

The range of colours we stock for our tapered storage bins mean that you can colour code your waste or ingredients, the colours of our bins include red, yellow, white, purple, black, blue, orange and green. Our tapered storage bins are often used to store ingredients, however we do also stock ingredient storage containers which feature dispensers, troughs and mobile containers.

If you do not find a plastic tapered bin that meets your requirements please contact us.

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  1. PA308FSG - 68 Litre Tapered Bin with galv handles
    Paxton Plastic Bin (68L, White)
  2. 45 Litre Tapered bin  Size: 480mm Dia x 510mm deep
    Tapered Bin (45 Litre, Red)
  3. 110 Litre Tapered bin Size: 570mm Dia x 680mm deep
    Tapered Bin (110 Litre, Blue)
  4. 215 Litre Tapered bin Size: 700mm Dia x 900mm deep
    Tapered Bin (215L, Green)
  5. 20 Litre Tapered bin  Size: 350mm Dia x 390mm deep
    Tapered Bin (20 Litre, Red)
  6. 65 Litre Tapered Bin - 510x590mm
    Tapered Bin (65 Litre)
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