Commercial Wheelie Waste Bins / Litter Bins

Even though disposing of waste is not the most glamorous job, disposing of it correctly can save your company money, time and physical effort. 

With Alison Handling, we have help you find your ideal waste management bin to meet your business' requirements. Within the range below, we have a selection of commercial waste bins and outdoor litter bins for you to choose from, including wheelie bins (ideal for both domestic and commercial uses) and grit bins to assist with winter management.

All commercial waste bins which we supply, including our outdoor waste bins, are made fro... See More

m heavy duty polyethylene and are easy clean - ideal for ensuring durability and to help with the maintenance of your bins. With a selection of colours and sizes available, you can count on Alison Handling to find you the right commercial waste bins for your business to successfully separate, control and dispose of your waste flow and to be prepared for colder weather.   

Are you not sure which of our outdoor waste management bins would be best for your company? Contact Alison Handling today to help meet your requirements.

Commercial Wheelie Waste Bins / Litter Bins Categories

  • Litter Bins

    Litter Bins

    Since 1988, Alison Handling has been a trusted supplier of robust external litter bins and ashtray bins to be used[...]

  • Salt Grit Bins

    Salt Grit Bins

    Alison Handling supplies a full range of salt grit bins in a selection of sizes that are suitable for both[...]

  • Wheelie Bins

    Wheelie Bins

    When it comes to managing your business waste effectively, Alison Handling can guarantee to tick all your boxes! We have[...]

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  1. Areana Enviro Bin
    Areana Enviro Bin
  2. Recycling Bin (Budget Beater) - 400x300x680mm
    Budget Beater Recycling Bin (60L)
  3. Outdoor Litter Bin with Panels- 1070 x 570mm
    Classic Litter Bin
  4. Delta Pyradmid Ash Tower
    Delta Pyradmid Ash Tower
  5. 1100 Litre Flat Top wheelie Bin
    Flat Top Wheelie Bin (660 Litre)
  6. Free Standing Monarch Bin - 810x500mm
    Free Standing Monarch Bin
  7. 200 Litre Grit Bin Size: 720x750x710mm
    Grit Bin (200 Litre)
  8. 400 Litre Grit Bin Size: 1260x750x710mm
    Grit Bin (400 Litre)
  9. 30 Litre Mini Grit Bin - 475x383x305mm
    Mini Grit Bin (30 Litre)
  10. Octaplus Maxi Bin
    Octaplus Maxi Bin
  11. Standard Recycling Beca Bin - 360x360x590mm
    Standard Beca - Bin
  12. Wall Mounted Ashtray
    Wall Mounted Ashtray
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