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Alison Handling supplies a reliable, durable and secure selection of safe COSHH cabinets designed for commercial or industrial environments.

We can supply an extensive range of COSHH-compliant storage solutions including cabinets and cupboards in a variety of sizes.

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COSHH Cabinets & Cupboards Categories

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  1. Standard Medical Cabinet
    Standard Medical Cabinet 915 x 460 x 1780 mm
  2. Standard COSHH Cabinet
    Standard COSHH Cabinet 915 x 460 x 1780 mm
  3. Standard Hazardous Cabinet
    Standard Hazardous Cabinet 915 x 460 x 1780 mm
  4. Low Acid Cabinet
    Low Acid Cabinet 915 x 460 x 1015 mm
  5. Small Acid Cabinet
    Small Acid Cabinet 460 x 460 x 890 mm
  6. Small Hazardous Cupboard
    Small Hazardous Cupboard 460 x 460 x 890 mm
  7. 85kg Low Hazardous Cupboard - 915x460x1015mm
    Low Hazardous Cupboard 915 x 460 x 1015 mm
  8.  8 Compartment Hazardous Cabinet
    8 Compartment Hazardous Cabinet 915 x 460 x 1780 mm
  9. Standard Acid Cabinet
    Standard Acid Cabinet 915 x 460 x 1780 mm
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Chemical Storage Cabinet

Control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH) storage solutions are specialised hazard cabinets that are used to secure chemicals and other harmful substances. COSHH cupboards help to minimise the risk of harm to employees and the environment by preventing hazardous substances from escaping into the surrounding area.

Only COSHH cabinets designed and tested to meet the appropriate safety standards should be used to store hazardous materials. We recommend our alternate range of industrial metal storage cabinets or metal lockers for applications unrelated to COSHH items.

Hazard Storage Cupboard

An acid cabinet is a type of COSHH cabinet specifically designed to store corrosive substances, such as acids and alkalis. These cabinets are typically made from specialised materials such as polyethylene, which makes the cabinet resistant to corrosive chemicals.

Acid cabinets are often used in laboratory settings where corrosive substances are frequently used. They are designed to protect the laboratory staff and the surrounding environment from the potential dangers of these substances. The cabinets have an acid-resistant coating and internal spill containment trays to prevent leaks and spills that may harm workers, damage property, or pollute the environment.

Our COSSH cabinets are lockable and can come in different sizes and configurations to suit the needs of our customers.

UK COSHH Cabinet Supplier

We only supply made-to-order COSHH cabinets and cupboards that meet the exacting safety standards and regulations required to make them a reliable storage choice for your business. In addition, we ensure that ours are made from highly resistant materials such as steel that will withstand contact with any spilt chemicals or even acids and prevent them from leaking out of the cabinet.

These hazardous storage cabinets are usually found in industrial facilities and laboratory environments that require somewhere secure to store dangerous substances in an organised manner. Some substances stored in a COSHH cabinet or cupboard include cleaning chemicals, pesticides, solvents, and other toxic or flammable substances.

They are made from mild steel, with reinforced doors and locks to prevent unauthorised access. Additionally, they may have features like air vents or spill containment trays to further ensure the safe storage of hazardous materials.

If you have any questions about which steel storage locker is right for your business, please contact us, and we’ll help you choose the best one.

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