Print, Publishing and Packaging Storage

At Alison Handling, we understand the unique storage needs of businesses in the packaging, print, and publishing industries. That's why we offer a wide range of plastic pallets, boxes, bins, and other storage solutions that cater specifically to these industries.

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  1. 65 Litre Tapered Bin - 510x590mm
    Tapered Bin (65 Litre)
  2. 20 Litre Tapered bin  Size: 350mm Dia x 390mm deep
    Tapered Bin (20 Litre, Red)
  3. Paxton DHT2 Plastic Sink
    Paxton Lidded Sink Plus (227L, Blue)
  4. 110 Litre Tapered bin Size: 570mm Dia x 680mm deep
    Tapered Bin (110 Litre, Blue)
  5. Paxton Plastic Bin (68L, White)
    Paxton Plastic Bin (68L, White)
  6. 70 Litre Inter-Stacking Bin - 435x650mm
    Stacking Bin (65 Litre)
  7. 46 Litre Inter-Stacking Bin - 435x420mm
    Stacking Bin (40 Litre)
  8. 35 Litre Inter-Stacking Bin - 435x315mm
    Stacking Bin (29 Litre)
  9. 20 Litre Inter-Stacking Bin - 430x185mm
    Stacking Bin (14 Litre)
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High-Quality Plastic Storage Solutions

If you work within the packaging, print or publishing industry, you understand the importance of quality and reliability in storage solutions. Our packaging storage is designed to provide just that. Made in the UK with high-grade materials, our products are durable, long-lasting, and suitable for various applications.

Boost Your Warehouse Efficiency

Our range of plastic storage solutions provides a practical and flexible way to optimise the space within your warehouse or facility. Rather than investing in expensive warehouse expansions, our stackable and customisable plastic print storage boxes allow for efficient use of space. This minimises downtime and maximises your storage capacity, improving productivity and overall efficiencies.

Invest in Quality and Reliability

When you choose Alison Handling for your storage needs, you can trust that you are investing in high-quality and reliable solutions. Our products are made in the UK using top-grade materials, ensuring longevity and the protection of your valuable items.

Don't let your packaging, print, or publishing materials go unprotected. Invest in our plastic storage solutions today and experience the convenience, efficiency, and reliability they provide.

Discover Alison Handling's Plastic Storage Solutions

We offer a variety of plastic pallets, boxes, and containers that are specifically designed for the packaging, print, and publishing industries. Whether you need stackable plastic boxes for easy storage and retrieval or customisable containers for different-sized items, we have the right solution for you.

Whether you need specific dimensions, colours, or branding, we can tailor our products to fit your needs. Additionally, our experienced and knowledgeable team is always available to contact you if you need expert advice and assistance in finding the right storage solutions for your business. When it comes to plastic removal crates, pallets, and boxes, choose Alison Handling for reliable and customisable storage solutions.

Invest in our high-quality storage containers today and experience their convenience and reliability.

Find your perfect storage solution and get a quote today! 

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