Roll Cage Trolley

Alison Handling stocks various metal roll cages for warehouses, factories, retail, hospitals, hotels, etc.

These effective temporary storage and transportation solutions are ideal for fast-paced commercial and industrial environments.

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  1. 4 sided A frame roll cage, roll pallet
    4 Sided Roll Cage
  2. 3 Sided Roll Cage
    3 Sided Roll Cage
  3. Full Security Nesting Roll Cage, roll pallet
    Full Security Roll Cage
  4. 4 Sided Plastic Base Roll Cage
    4 Sided Plastic Base Roll Cage
  5. 3 sided Jumbo Roll cage, roll pallet
    3 Sided Jumbo Roll Cage
  6. 4 sided Jumbo Roll cage, roll pallet
    4 Sided Jumbo Roll Cage
  7. Three Sided Merchandise Picking Trolley
    Three Sided Merchandise Picking Trolley
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Metal Roll Cages for Businesses

Roll cages, also known as roll cage trolleys or roll containers, are typically used wherever you need to move large amounts of products safely – that’s where these high-quality roll containers would be used.

These storehouse and warehouse roll cages are perfect for protecting your employees from straining themselves by lifting heavy loads, and they are a lot safer than manually handling products. They’re also easy to move around due to their smooth-running castors.

Adaptable Metal Roll Cages

When choosing your roll cage trolleys for your business, it is important to consider your specific needs and requirements. Some factors to consider are the size and weight of the items you will be transporting, the conditions in your warehouse or facility and the frequency with which you will need to move the trolleys.

We stock a range of roll cages with various options, such as internal shelving, multiple closed sides and full security cages with small wire spacing. Every roll cage trolley we supply is reliably durable to hold heavy items on their shelves for long periods. Additionally, with the innovative temporary locking system on the front panels, stored items can be safely secured inside without fear of falling when being moved.

Independent UK Supplier of Durable Roll Cages

Browse our complete selection of high-quality roll cages below. We maintain various choices to meet any business needs, such as two-sided, three-sided and four-sided roll cage designs. Additionally, we also supply a broad range of alternative movement and storage solutions, such as:

This is to ensure we have the perfect storage and transportation solutions for our customers. We provide quick delivery with no minimum spend required on orders. If you’re unsure which roll cage design best suits your business needs, contact us, and one of our knowledgeable staff members will help you find the best choice.

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